Wednesday, November 25, 2015

And Now I'm 28.

Then all at once it's late November. It's cold, it's dark and boots are in full rotation.

We've been apart since October, so can we catch up on some housekeeping before jumping right into confessions and likely my only post of November?

This month I turned 28 years young. My parents joined us for nine nights to see what this new life is all about. We had a great time sharing the sights, the food and the music all while keeping them away from the eye-sores. We've celebrated three birthdays and had way too much sugar. I've been a lackluster participant in the #PluckytoNothin instagram challenge and I'm about to experience my first Thanksgiving in the South away from home. Not only will I miss the traditions of home - like morning drinking and pajamas all day - but I'm scheduled to bring a dish that's going to serve as more of a first impression to the unknown family members than my handshake or hello ever will. 

The part you've waited for, the confessions:

+ The boyfriend made this photo his Facebook profile yesterday and I got dramatic. Not dramatic-happy, but dramatic-blah. I pulled up Excel and did the math on how many days we've known each other and geez, thanks for the FIRST acknowledgement of my face in your life after 841 days. He politely reminded me that he's not active on social media, and this post was his monumental drop-the-balloons-from-the-ceiling-because-you're-a-winner 10th post between Facebook and Instagram combined in those same 841 days. We counted. So, I'm silly and he's forgiven my 3 minute challenge of his public display of love for me. He flew all the way to Portland to meet The Snooks for this one.

+ I loved a custom Christmas gift so much that I let my guy open it... 35 days early.
+ There's been no great sweat in 13 days for a few reasons, yet mostly excuses.
+ However, there's also been no break in a personal relationship-goals streak of 72 days.
+ I'm tossing around the idea of running a race in 2016 just to meet this lady.
+ Recently I posted a photo to instagram that's a few years old and passed it off as a "Happy Friday".
+ After searching many stores, we bought 6lbs of Sun Dried Tomatoes from Worth it.

That's all and still not enough. Expect something more robust about the visit from my parents because we know that deserves a mention here on the internet. There's so many places where we can confess in blog-land so I'm being generous and linking up everywhere I can. If I find a new one while I'm poking around the internet today, I'll add it here or you can let me know in the comments.  

Wish me luck this Thanksgiving and each holiday after that!

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