Monday, September 30, 2013

No, Please and Thank you

This weekend I didn't pull out the laptop a single time and I loved it!

My iPhone battery took a beating with all the use that it was getting to read blogs, check instagram and facebook - but that's pretty regular I suppose.

Last week was long. Early mornings, late nights and work all the while in between. Some work, mostly play. We had some people in town from Memphis where all the magic at my company happens and of course I am always on my networking game! Dan said that he was pretty lonely but I have a feeling he's doing alright since he's close to 90% complete with Grand Theft Auto 5 - meaning 90% of everything including all of the "secret missions", "unlocked achievements" and other special side-games that I don't quite understand.

I mainly didn't pull the laptop out as I was sick all weekend. All I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and snuggle with Dan.

The snuggle time wasn't about anything intimate, but rather that I could give him deep sicky sexy voice. I hate when he doesn't feel well but I know he'd love to stay home and 'get better' playing more of his favorite games and catching up on the DVR.

We had a great evening Saturday night with my parents. Dad turned 55 on Saturday and got this amazing post on his facebook from Bailey and Bella - my mom is a paint wizard! The 55 MPH is in reference to him 'becoming a speed limit'. We love you dad and we're happy we could celebrate your birthday with you.

Plus this weekend I got a hair cut!!!! It was literally a year since my last cut and color, so I'm a happy girl with healthy hairs. However, the rain this weekend in pdx is killing my hair vibe so you'll see a photo when it looks good enough to share and be on the internet forever. 

Big story about my running mileage coming to you Wednesday but let's wait and see if I can mash out 14 later today through the weather, illness and my own inner strength.

Morning just got better, Dan is delivering and Almond milk Pumpkin Latte to me at work!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Write Letters

My amazing friend Tanna always reminds me of how much I adore receiving letters in the mail.

We still communicate over text and e-mail (and in person the lucky 3 times a year I get to see her) but there's something about reading her life updates on paper, that she took the time to shop for cute stationery, grabbed her favorite pen, knows my address and even uses adorable little stickers like this one when she's inviting me to her daughter's first birthday party. 

Receiving this note and also seeing the Buzzfeed article 19 Reasons We Should All Start Writing Letters Again has me wanting to get super crafty on my holiday cards this year, never miss a friend's birthday without a personally stamped card (way better than Happy Bday!!! on facebook) and send notes to friends and family 'just because'.

Do you like writing or receiving letters? What makes it so hard to make this a thing if we all love it so much?

Monday, September 23, 2013

One More Day

Wow, I can't imagine being Dan this morning. Coming off of nine whole days of sleeping in and logging more than 48 hours of actual game-play on the new game Grand Theft Auto 5. He's had it easy (okay he also did a lot of house work) and it almost makes me want to take a week off of work for no good reason. Or maybe at least start an alternate work schedule where I work from home 2 days a week.

I also was in shock that Dan spent an entire weekend without stepping foot onto a golf course, even though he had plans to both days - work and play. To hear my honey repeat "I'm so happy I'm not playing golf today" made me check his temperature and almost call in sick for him this morning and call a doctor. 

We didn't catch much football this weekend but the only game that mattered was the game his Chicago Bears won Sunday night. That excitement plus the dramatic second to last episode of Breaking Bad makes me wish we had just one more day to relax.

I think we hit Fall here in Portland without even getting to see the beautiful leaves change colors. This weekend I ran 20 miles in pants and long sleeves and didn't even get fussy about it. 13 miles on Saturday and a follow-up shake out 7 on Sunday has me feeling a little tight in the glutes - I'm not in marathon training mode and just because my brain said 13 would be easy, it doesn't mean that my quad's and IT bands feel the same way. At least I was able to instagram it before iOS 7 killed my battery.

Yes, I'm also impressed that I was able to get the same pose. I wonder what filter the people honking in the cars driving by thought I should use.

Have a great week, here's your PSA to remember to stretch!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Freedom

Thanks for a great week. I'm taking the day off and will instead be catching up on all of the wonderful posts that I haven't read yet.

Speaking of birds - watch this eagle with a Go Pro

See you next week!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

First World Problems: iOS 7

This post is going to seem like a rant, but really I'm thrilled with all of the pretty happening on my iPhone.

Here's how it happened - I'd forgotten that the iOS 7 update was yesterday and didn't even check social media to see how much fun everyone was already having without me. When I finally caught the news it was 4:45pm and I had only a few more things to finish up at work. Knowing that Dan always is the first to update iOS besides those in Silicon Valley, I asked how long his took from start to finish.

Disbelief and excitement his me when he texted back "like 10 minutes".

My "like 10 minutes" was "like 90 minutes" and once I began the update there was no backing out.

So like any eager iPhone 5 user I waited.

Then verified...

and updated firmware...

and software...

and waited...

The next thing I saw on my screen was a 'fatal error' message that kicked my iPhone into recovery mode.

Recovery mode is a dark and terrifying place where you're told that your only option is to restore to factory settings and all you can do is agree to it, then agree to the Terms and Conditions, then cross your fingers that your latest back-up saved the perfectly lighting selfie from your bathroom this morning. We all wish to be so lucky.

After 90 minutes of horror and worry about my baby and even a few app casualties, this story ends happily and I'm smitten with my iPhone. So beautiful that I wish the entire world could be seen through the lens of iOS 7 (Chrome, where you at?).

After I updated all of my apps and got everything organized the way I wanted it, I was happier than this puppy in a room full of balloons:

If you haven't updated yet, check out the Apple video and back up your phone!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cheat So Hard

Some of you may remember two months back when I announced that I was going to go down the Paleo path to help myself eat cleaner, reduce stress and improve my overall health.

I flood your Instagram feeds with my #hashtag #Paleo #omgSOyummy meals because Paleo is my main squeeze and I can see us in a long healthy relationship together.

As a promoter of a healthy lifestyle through food and running I feel that I owe you a sincere confession for all of the cheating I've been doing lately (on Paleo, sweetheart!)

It all started to fall off the wagon when I was in Toronto for the second time and had a piece of pizza here, a few tortilla chips there, maybe even some delicious croutons on a salad.  Beer and wine added into the mix and I forgot the reasons I'd started Paleo. Through travelling back and forth I was able to use that as an excuse for not being strict with a schedule, a meal plan and even my food prep has been non-existent.

I still do an amazing job at avoiding latte's, yogurt, cheese, bread and some of my bigger past offenders, but there's been a few 'occasions' where the amazing food groups you see below have been devoured, craved and even begged for.


- Fiery Doritos Locos Taco | Taco Bell

- Endless Shrimp | Red Lobster

- Steak and Endless Shrimp | Outback Steakhouse

- Reese's Blizzard | Dairy Queen

- Grape Licorice | All the places

I act like Dan is the instigator but I'm pretty sure even the golden retrievers would be witness to Monday night when Dan was looking in the produce drawer asking what I wanted for dinner and only a quick "TCBLL" was blurted from my mouth. Like I was ashamed to be saying it out loud but knowing that it was going to feel so right.

That fateful night Dan didn't hesitate to jump in the car and get almost every food group on the menu so that I could 'sample'. As always, he picked up the slack when I was too full and my eyes out-ordered my stomach.

Our meal included but was not limited to:

  • Mexican Pizza (1)

  • Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos (3)

  • Cheesy Gordita Crunch (2)

  • Smothered Burrito (1)

  • Volcano Nachos (1)

  • Fiesta Beef Taco Salad (1)

None of that was paleo, by the way.

So all I'm asking is for someone to help me be more like this adorable baby koala please and not be so bad at life? K Thanks!

Monday, September 16, 2013

TED Tuesday: Demise of Guys

All I have to say from watching this video is "You go girls!"

This video that clocks in under 6 minutes immediately caught my attention late last night because I knew 1.3 million viewers couldn't be wrong.

Psychologist Philip Zimbardo quickly shocks our systems with hard facts like "Boys are 30% more likely than girls to drop out of school", "Girls out-perform guys through all levels of school" and that "Boys are 5x more likely than girls to have attention deficit disorder."

His argument rests on the thought that boy's (also grown men's) brains are being digitally rewired by the rising use of the internet and the decreasing engagement in social settings - especially interactions with us pretty ladies of the world.

A reported steady increase of male shyness and social awkwardness is nothing to laugh at. This leads to less eligible men to choose from (all my single ladies), more painful situations, awkward conversations, bad dates and just less fun - amiright? 

Excessive internet use and gaming (ahem, Dan) are arousal addictions and therefore are much more harmful as the users are continuously looking for something new, something fresh and something that they've never experienced before.

All of a sudden I realize why Dan has to have 7 new video games this fall, a brand new console that X-Box has come out with and ultimately the reason why he took this week off from work (okay, yes, also to play with puppies - lucky guy). It's also the reason he "forgot" to come to bed last night (honey, c'mere!)

So who should care about the "Demise of guys"?

Probably you, probably me, maybe anyone who ever hopes to be a parent, an educator.

Especially all you ladies out there who want a real man to talk to, who can dance with you and even reads your blog for more than just your use of gifs.


[ted id=1206]

Don't Make Me Get Out Of Bed

There's something about end-of-summer weekends with long runs, football and cozy time that make it difficult to find the motivation to pull out the laptop and blog about my weekend - much less blog five posts for the entire week! I've come to terms with being an inconsistent blogger with so much travel and added work hours lately, but I also attribute it to doing my best to enjoy the last few days of summer before the forecast turns to muck.

I have a happy boyfriend today because his Chicago Bears won a close one yesterday and he has the entire week off from the office.

You have a tired Jessi today because, well, it's Monday and I have a list of reasons why I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. 

1. I fell asleep at midnight after we watched the 3rd to last episode of Breaking Bad.

2. Dan and I are house sitting for my jet-setting parents and their puppies are just too cute.

3. Dan has the entire week off from work. (booo-hissss!)

4. It's dark all the way through to 7am and I'm on the road by 5:20am (get a life Jessi)

5. The commute while house-sitting is 20 minutes longer

6. We destroyed the Steak & Endless Shrimp dinner at Outback Steakhouse last night (something about weekends and endless shrimp)

7. Destroying the eats below = no desire to wear pants. period.

So there you have it!

Running, Football, Cuddles, Naps and Face-stuffing filled my wonderful weekend.

Can you blame me for wanting to hang out with these adorable faces all day? (Bailey not pictured)

Linking up with Sami!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Belated Anniversary Weekend

Let me tell you about the wonderful weekend we just had.

Dan and I had our actual anniversary on August 19th and unfortunately hadn't yet been able to celebrate.  We both think that this weekend was exactly what the doctor called for.

This handsome guy treated me to dinner and a movie Friday evening (Yes, some nights I consider popcorn 'dinner'):

We made it home that evening at a decent time and the next thing I knew I woke up Saturday morning at 10am. While my facebook and instagram feeds were going crazy with collegiate tailgates and trash talking, my dear and I laid in bed falling in and out of sleep - not actually getting out of bed until 3:30 PM!

Trying to be normal human beings, we watched a few of the remaining evening games while I caught up on some work and went out for a run.

To cap the day off, Dan surprised me with an incredibly sweet dinner where we left the house at 10pm.

He said that he was taking me to Red Lobster for endless shrimp to symbolize our 'endless relationship'. Ha-ha I sure love him.

At first he shaved his pokeys and put on a dress shirt - then I told him he had better put some comfortable clothes on as we were about to go get heavy with some meat sweats!

Sunday of course was non-stop NFL with a happy Chicago Bears fan at my side. I went for two different runs and did my best to remember which players he has on his Fantasy Football team and why he gets upset when the team he wants to win is doing well but it's because of a player on the opposing fantasy player's team.

I'll get better - honey, I swear!


Linking up my weekend with Sami

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spin Me 'Round

Yes Friday - you are here finally!

I may be complaining a bit too much about a "long week" since I didn't have to participate in our normal beginning of month craziness. But seriously - days why are you so long?

I think that my boss said it best coming back from 5 weeks vacation that "we have gone backwards". Spin spin spin spin - so much spin it will make you dizzy.

Time to #Backthatazzup and Spin Me Right Round {baby}

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September's Eight Great Goals

Oh my it feels nice to be back in the blogging groove.

I still feel a bit sidelined as I'm not as available to read / comment or reply to your lovely comments. That means if you get a response you know you've made it big time or just caught me in a free moment - lucky you! Also don't be alarmed if my responses and online presence is all on the weekend. A girl does what a girl has to do.

This post is a little belated as I'm normally slinging this at you on the first blog-day of the month, so hopefully that's not a sign of what's to come in the upcoming 26 days.

I am so jealous that my mom and dad are heading to Luxembourg today to get two weeks with brother and meet his wonderful girlfriend who I've seen a few times over Skype. I usually get to make a trip to Europe in the summer - especially since he's lived there - and am missing that flight across the pond to see my brother.

Look at what I'm missing!

Enough moping about a trip I don't get to take as I've been travelling enough lately - It's time for goal setting!

September's Eight Great Goals

1. Go Get My Diploma's

Did you know that I graduated from Portland State in the Spring of 2009 and still haven't picked up my three pieces of paperwork? I'm not sure what I'm planning to do with it when I have it - but enough is enough, Jessi!

2. Celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary

We missed celebrating last month and I'm not going to let it happen this month. I don't care where you take me honey just make me feel like I'm the most important thing in your world. No phone, no distractions, just us.

3. Watch an entire Chicago Bears NFL Game

Dan has challenged me to watching an entire game with no phone and no laptop. I don't believe I can be that extreme but I can at least make sure I don't choose to go running (conveniently) while the kickoff happens. Plus, day drinking.

4. Appreciate Myself

Sometimes when you feel like you're not getting what you need from others, you have to find ways to give what you need to yourself. Right now I feel like that's appreciation, support and care - so why can't I offer that up to myself? ... I can!

5. Spread Out the Running

100 Miles again - it never changes. Let's do myself a favor this month and not make excuses when I could be getting ahead of my mileage and not piling it all on myself for the weekend - especially if an unplanned Toronto trip comes my way!

6. Sister Time

Since mom and dad will be having a blast in Europe, Dan and I will be watching the blonde Golden Retriever sisters for a week. I want to make sure that I get some time with them as well since we don't get them very often - and especially since Dan has taken a week off from work to play!

7. Insert and Be Assertive

I've been unlike myself at work lately. I'm such a servant and will do what I'm asked/told -  but I'm also cocky and proud of the work I do. I hope to use this month to own up to the great work I'm doing, speak up when I am the expert on something and really turn this project around when it comes to the way we are handling the hundreds of issues coming our way. Own up to my greatness and stand tall because I know I deserve to feel proud.

8. Use My Lovely Camera

I adore my camera but haven't had much use out of it since I'm not home during normal daylight hours. Weekends are my opportunity to get back in the swing and enjoy the last few short weeks of evening sunlight before the skies turn dark and the weather is gloom. Maybe even an outfit post....?

Thanks everyone for loyally coming back and reading after I took a pause in August - you mean the world to me!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Month that Never Was

Typically around here at the end of the month I do a recap of all the wonderful things that happened to me over the past 30 days.

So August?

August had a lot of great. A lot of tough. A lot of hard. A lot of fun. And little to no blogging #oops.

Let's get right to the g o o d:

+ I had an amazing blate (Blogger Date) with Marisa who was in town to surprise her dad for his birthday! I was so thrilled we were able to connect and just as happy that we met up at Por Que No for some drinks and appetizers. #nom

+ I somehow completed my 100 mile feat for the month and it wasn't easy. While my guy was running Hood to Coast - I spent a weekend running as much as I felt was possible for my weary legs and logged 36 miles over a span of 38 hours. Ka-ching!

I still had 9 miles remaining when I returned home on Saturday the 31st, but made quick work of that in the mid summer evening and did a celebration dance as I hurried past my driveway for the last triumphant steps.

+ Made it to one year with this guy - even though we still haven't celebrated (see below for frowny faces):

+ I met some awesome people at work through my travels to Canada and wish I had more peers to play with who were as dedicated to work as I am. Geeking-out with people who are impressed my my Excel mastery is a wonderful thing. They also knew how to get me to come out of my shell a little bit. Beer in a Bag, anyone?

Work and work travel caused me to miss several wonderful things this month that I would have loved to be a part of. 

  • Hood to Coast

  • Intramural Softball

  • My Cousin's Beautiful Barn Wedding

  • My Own 1 Year Anniversary Celebration (are we still going to celebrate, Dan?)

  • Thirst Thursdays

Doesn't my Hood to Coast family look like FUN!?

Hopefully a new month will bring winds of change - for the better!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome Back, JumpingJE

Good morning friends and family! It's great to be back.

I returned from another week in Toronto on Saturday to the sight of this handsome man who loves me with all his heart. Melt (not just from the summer heat!)

Flowers, treats and a sign (not pictured) made me feel like a special lady at the end of a difficult week - he's the greatest.

Okay, so I'm not the first one to have this question in blog land but can all Mondays be like yesterday? It was amazing.

Dan and I went to mom and dad's house to enjoy breakfast, play with puppies and give me additional excuses to stay away from my laptop for a few more hours. Just a few.

My mom has been religiously paleo for the past 4 months and looks amazing - she's my inspiration to get back on the serious wagon because these travel weeks have been rough on the physique (ahem - pizza, sandwiches, beer, greek food). First step is getting all of the right foods back in the house to support my clean eating aspirations so I'm not trapped in my own home with a pantry full of vices. My guy loves carbs, sugars, salt and snacks. There was not a vegetable to be found when I returned home Saturday.

Okay maybe some old carrots. Those don't count.

The ultimate best thing this week brings is my boss. It's been 5 weeks since he was last in the office and I'm thrilled he enjoyed a wonderful sabbatical, but seriously have missed his support and him being the 'shield' for our strong and resilient team. It'll be another busy month, but I'm happy to take it on - Jessi style.

Get here soon Friday - I need some more of these good sleeps that only a weekend can provide!