Friday, February 27, 2015

Break the Netflix

So be honest with me, are we going to shut Netflix down this weekend with e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e watching House of Cards: Season 3?

If we are I'd rather avoid twitter and buzzfeed until a rainy afternoon and go climb up this hill instead.

Yes, that view is seriously only a 30-minute drive and a 40-60 minute hike away from where I sit right this moment. Want to come play?

But we aren't here today to talk hiking, we are here to talk favorites with our favorite newlywed, Amanda. First, did you see how her wedding day was nearly ruined because of Tyra Banks? 

My Favorites today come to you in link form so that you can pretend you clicked them and I can pretend I shared something enlightening with you. In reality we all just really want to know what the color of the dress was. Blue and black? White and gold? or nah? Don't know what I'm talking about? Even better!

:: 5 Differences between the Wrong guy and the Right guy
:: Sesame Street and Frank Underwolf do House of Cards
:: Be a Serial Honeymoon Phase Dater? Sounds intriguing.
:: Important life lessons you need to know from Leslie Knope.
:: Look how much the "ideal body type" for women has changed in 100 years #gainz.
:: But seriously, can we bring fanny packs back?

We good? Good. Happy Friday!

Who else is linking up with Amanda's Friday Favorites?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Trouble With Sweat

It's no mystery to you by now - I'm obsessed with ClassPass

I finally took the plunge to join ClassPass on Valentine's Day as the ultimate "I Love Me" gift after a rough start to 2015. My excuse for not jumping in sooner was that work was too crazy, that I didn't have any free time and that I couldn't consistently make any classes. 

Ha - no joke you guys. I've had this 13 days and tonight is my 12th class. Busy? More like wasting energy on the wrong things. 

For those concerned with how obsessive this schedule sounds I can assure you that the mix of my classes has been weighted toward love-yourself, try-something-new, explore and have fun. 

+ Yoga: 4
+ Barre/Pilates: 3 (sorry, I know these aren't the same category but they feel similar!)
+ Strength: 2
+ Stretching: 1
+ Boxing: 1

I'm generally a lift weights and show your muscles girl, so I also found it surprising that I've gravitated toward the yogi, dancy, stretchy stuff - but obviously that shows me that what I'm loving so much about ClassPass is getting out of my routine and challenging myself in more ways than just physically. 

Trying new things also means there are fun stories about my shortcomings, my misunderstandings and my non-exposure to this group fitness thing. 

Last night I had my very first 'Heated Yoga' class. I guess that's not so bad considering that my entire yoga 'practice' consists of those four classes I mentioned above in the last 13 days - but this is a situation where you really should know before you go. 

I slinked into the studio, signed the usual 'yes this is my first time, no I don't want to join, my ClassPass lets me come here and go to 60+ other studios in town for less than your one month membership. Yes, even if you give me my first-week free' waiver and was on my way to class. 

I knew that 'heated yoga' meant a heated room - but had this feeling of dark and dread when I saw that the twenty students already in class had their mats laid out with some type of towel on their mat, by their mat and by the top of their mat for their faces. The severity of the situation didn't hit me until about 35 minutes into the 60-minute class when I had actual drips of sweat in my eyes and running down my legs. 

The next 25 minutes were pure torture as all my mind and body could focus on was the slip n' slide I was experiencing, no matter what pose I was trying to hold. 

Simple math, really.  

My Sweat + Flimsy Yoga mat + Warrior II Pose = Newb. 

Lesson? Next time I'm bringing a towel. 

Silver lining? I got to nap in my sweat at the end of class in this thing they call "corpse pose". 

* I am not being compensated by ClassPass - I really really love it this much. Thought I'd mention that here. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Party Tricks

When I was announcing my road trip to see my brother this weekend I mentioned that one of my best and favorite party tricks was a Friday Night Nap. 

While that's very true, I also noticed over the weekend that I am full of aforementioned party tricks. 

They come by the dozens, really. From my witty remarks to my flexibility - if you ever have the pleasure of going out with me in person you'll get to see this side of me. You'll especially get to see this if you're a stranger that I just met at a bar and want you to think I'm the coolest...thing...ever. 

Some of these are embarrassing so they're making it into confessions - but when I've thrown a few beers back I am convinced that these are things that you MUST know about me and OHGAWDMUST know that I can do. 

1. I Regulate

My one and only karaoke song is this. I learned it a long time ago and can do the whole thing without seeing the words - which is why I love to perform it in front a crowd of unsuspecting bystanders who get all jazzed about this tall white girl rapping one of the classics from the 90's.  Then when they find out that I can hook a left on 2-1 and Lewis without hesitation? Well, they lose their minds. Then when I can do it in a setting without any music? Boom - I'm the instant coolest.

2. I ZYX

What's that even mean? No, not examine your zipper (unless I really like you!) It means I show off by saying the alphabet backwards. 

First time slowly, so that it looks like I am really trying, not just memorized.

z - y - x- w - v - u - t - s - r - q - p - o - n - m - l - k - j - i - h - g - f - e - d - c - b - a

Then, when your jaws drop over that, I hit you with it backwards faster than I could even do it forward! 


I learned this one when I used to try to log on to AOL to play Disney games. Don't you dare ever say Dial-Up wasn't good for something!

3. I Backbend

I backbend or do something athletic - like push-ups or show off my pitching routine from the college days. Yes, sometimes I'll even flex the guns if I'm really trying to show off but you guys get to see that on instagram daily. 

In person, I go even deeper into this on my forearms but when I do it as a party trick it's gross because I'm hands, forearms or face on some soggy bar floor. Winner. 

What about you, do you have any party tricks like these? Or are you a normal human being when meeting other normal human beings for the first time? 

Here's some useful party tricks you can actually learn and here's a super-sweet lady you can link up with each and every Wednesday for confessions.

Making Melissa

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What'd I Miss?

You guys, I did it. 

I made it through a Monday night without turning on the television and getting stuck in the trap that is "The Bachelor - Fantasy Suites". 

How, you ask?
  • Grocery shopping for the week's meal plans (lent still going strong!)
  • A lovely yet challenging workout at Firebrand Sports on the Megaformer
  • Meat cooking = meat sweats
  • Avoided Twitter at all costs
  • Browsed Amazon and bought these guys for delivery Thursday.
  • Foam rolled like a crazy person
  • Took a nap instead of actually lights out - aka sleeping with a book (on page 1) on my chest.
  • Coincidentally this book was about willpower.
  • Woke up with my contacts scraping my eyes out
  • Wrote this full-assed blog (no such thing as half-assed)
  • Read about how I'm really not as good at multitasking as I believe
  • Realized it was midnight and I was still going to be sore in the morning.
  • Became this gif:

Okay, really guys, how was the Bachelor?

See you tomorrow for confessions with this dime piece!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Road Trip!

I can't tell if that was a one-day or a five-day weekend, but what I know it was a great one. 

Friday afternoon I hopped onto the Bolt Bus and hitched a comfy WiFi ride up to Seattle for the weekend to spend some quality time with my brother. We had aggressive plans for the weekend like hiking, a boxing workout and some basic touristy things - which turned into late nights, starting dance parties, urban hiking, caramel dunked apples, daytime naps, cousin breakfast and yes, still boxing! 

It was great to see that he's made some good friends, has learned a lot about his city and has even identified his favorite bars, restaurants and views of the city - which is otherwise known as the "visitor's ride" for anyone that makes the trip up to see him. 

We were lucky to have some great weather for our walk around the city to the historic Pike's Place Market and the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery. Even if it would have rained it would have been a great weekend, just a little less walking and a lot more reading.

The sign with the greatest life-advice ever below was ironic because I was showing my brother the Geo-tags on Snapchat and completely missed it myself. You can bet I got some looks when I was taking a photo rather than the four words of advice: Put Your Phone Down. 

It's great to have my brother so close - to visit him I used to have to take 2 weeks off from work and a day's trip to Europe - now he's just a bus ride and $45 away! I'm glad we've learned to like each other as we've become adults - he's a pretty cool dude!

And no - I didn't watch the Oscars and will not watch the Bachelor tonight! 

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Favorites on a Special Day

Listen up, ladies - this Friday comes with a few ground rules. 

Since Friday is Amanda's link up and THIS Friday is Amanda's Big-Awesome-Amazing-Marry-Her-Best-Friend Day I recommend that you either a). Link up here b.) Comment here c.) Follow here for gorgeous photos. 

I actually suggest all three because that's what I've done, but I can't always herd all the cats now can I?

Favorite Surprise

This lady sent me some snail mail "just because she was thinking of me" and it made my heart burst with happiness. All the way from across the country she was thinking of me. She pulled my address from her contact list and she made the effort. Effort that wasn't necessary but made such a huge part of my week. Simply put, relationships that give everything and take nothing are my jam.

Favorite Workout

So by now you know I'm obsessed with ClassPass. I got it as a gift to myself for Valentine's Day in an effort to show myself more love and that's exactly what I've done this week. I've taken 7 classes and seriously don't know a favorite. From the highest impact at a CrossFit gym to the lowest most lovely impact stretch class with foam rollers - I am in love.

Favorite Cover

Melissa shared this Thursday and I've listened.... a lot.

Weekend Plans

Road Trip! 

I'm headed up to Seattle today to visit my brother on the magic Bolt Bus. This mode of transportation has WiFi, is about 1/3 of the cost of driving and is even good for a solid Friday nap - which is coincidentally my favorite party trick. 

Brother used to live in Europe, so to be able to see him with only a 3-hour commute and no time zone change is easy livin'. Maybe we will find the Bookstore Bar and I can capture my own candid photos of Hot Dudes Reading.  

Remember....a). Link up here b.) Comment here c.) Follow here for gorgeous photos. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

40 Days of Change

Ah, Lent. 

While very meaningful religiously it's also an opportunity for a second go at New Year's Resolutions for those of us who fell off the wagon. I didn't make any resolutions this year with too much uncertainty rolling around in my world, but I suppose I've subconsciously made steps forward in loving myself, taking better care and getting in touch with the good ones. 

Something I've been wanting to introduce back into my life is my passion for meal prep. I used to be so great with it but over time I've lacked the kick in the pants to do it. Plus - with a cafeteria at work that serves magnificence like this, that kick in the pants probably wouldn't even make a difference.

Rather than picking something I know I can't do, or at least would struggle with (like no instagram, no selfies, no gum, no phone in bed, two hands on the wheel while driving to name a few) - I chose to give up the cafeteria at work for 40 days.

This might not seem like much, but where I work they serve everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, smoothies, ice cream, beer - actually anything. I'm often found there 2-3 times per day getting my daily coffee, daily sausage + eggs breakfast and most-daily $5 bunless cheeseburger combo - and sometimes even second coffee in the afternoon.

To drop the cafeteria is a true lifestyle change. It means organization, meal planning, food prep, creativity, a strong tupperware game, a strong dishwasher game, a strong bragging about how much I love bringing my own food from home game and obviously a ton of will power to not swipe my card a single time at work until April 6th.

As a result of my Lent goals my house smells like bacon and my fridge is full of cooked meats, vegetables and easy staples for me to throw into tupperware. It's a wonderful feeling to be organized and fully decisive about your nutrition, and I'm sure it'll also be a wonderful feeling once I realize how much money I'll actually save in the process.

Are you observing Lent? What could you never give up for 40 days?

This was my "I could never give these things up" post from last year. All still true. And you still get Rick Rolled.

Keep it 100, you guys.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Get Your Confessions Here

I love Wednesdays around here because it's just an easy-going, no rules, no guidelines kind of day.

If you've never confessed I suggest you give it a try - get it off your chest and make us giggle or say "what the..!?"

Making Melissa

:: This week I "cleaned up" my instagram - meaning I took down some of the past why-the-heck-did-i-think-that-was-a-shareable junk, got rid of that aggressive phase where I put text and arrows and overlays on - and just took a cut at some of the unnecessary I had out in the universe. Things look a little prettier now and still show how far I've come on my instagram game. I was also surprised to find that I have more followers now than following. Win?

:: A serious life-goal is to get a good selfie mirror. Oh yes, it will be mine. 

:: I hear the song "Truffle Butter" at least 6 times per day. When I say "hear" I mean "play". Like, on purpose. Don't google that, it's disgusting. 

:: I almost was going to skip heading up to see my brother this weekend because I was sad about the ClassPass opportunities I was going to miss. Then amazingly realized that I have the "Flex" option, meaning that I can bounce city-to-city with no extra wear and tear!

:: Speaking of ClassPass - yes I'm still obsessed. I've gone to five classes in my four days of ownership with another fun barre class + event this evening. It's like I'm finally in the cool club where you get to go to seven-course meals and be a socialite... except you're sweaty and in your leggings. 

:: This is embarrassing, but all this time I've thought that Montell Jordan and Montel Williams were the same guy... even though the name is spelled differently and occupation is very different. I can't even explain my way out of this one and I'm sorry. How did I realize they weren't the same? I heard "This is How We Do It" and said, "ha-ha, do you remember when this guy used to be a rapper before his talk show?". I felt like one of those people who thought Missy Elliot was new to the scene. 

 That's it, I'm out. Go find Melissa and play along!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

When You Get Sucked In

This was my struggle last night.

...home before 5pm even after my kettlebell workout...what should I have for do I avoid watching the bachelor...should I do a double-up and go to a sleepy-time yoga class...what should I blog about...what can i wear seinfeld on...what photos are in my camera roll that I haven't posted yet...what's happening on twitter...on instagram...on facebook...ugh facebook...wait i still didn't have dinner...hey but these tweets make the bachelor sound really entertaining... can't do it.. won't do it... okay, really how do I avoid reading all of these hilarious bachelor tweets...

One guess how my night ended up. 

You're right - a quick salad for dinner and the bachelor - foiled again!

What's a blogger who's trying to get back into things do when she's too scatter brained to write anything worthwhile? She recycles a post of course!

I love love love this post that was published February 18th of last year - it's a solid TED Talk about rejection and how you can get better at it if you consciously try to get rejected. No edits to the original post.....enjoy!

 photo rejected-1.png

Rejection sucks, doesn't it?

To not be wanted, to not be needed. To not be 'the right person for the job'. 

The fears of rejection and failure have often stopped me from doing many things in my life. Leaps and risks haven't been taken because I know how bad a "no" can feel. Something so small can crush your dreams and sometimes your spirit in the process. 

The fear of rejection is the most debilitating fear that I've ever experienced. Sometimes I'm afraid of no. Sometimes I'm afraid of yes. Afraid of a "no" because that immediate rejection is a shot to my ego and my self worth. It's a reflection on others' perception of me and what I'm worth. I'm equally afraid of a "yes" because what if the perception of me is great, but then I'm unable to deliver. I'm not the right person for the job, I fail miserably and disappoint whoever gave me that chance in the first place. 

I also fear rejection because even though I've felt it over and over - I'm still not used to it. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing - but it seems like life would be better if you were desensitized to the feeling. That would mean that rejection wouldn't hurt as bad and would allow you to carry forward much quicker than your usual earth-shaking catastrophe experiences. 

So hey - what would happen if you purposefully sought out rejection? If you asked people for things that you knew they would turn you down for - causing those "no's" to cut you less and less each time you heard one. That would make you less scared right? Sure the "no's" wouldn't be to things that significantly mattered in your world, but you'd at least become accustomed to asking for things and learning people's thresholds right?

Well I have a treat for you! 

Today's TED Talk goes over Jia Jiang's experiences as he subjected himself to 100 Days of Rejection Therapy to get over his fear. Watch the way that he surprised himself and his blog readers in the outrageous things he attempted (and really just how many he was not rejected for).

Monday, February 16, 2015

My Valentine

Going into the weekend I thought that Netflix would be the one I would give my heart to for Valentine's Day. 

This heart, the one that I made out of semi-sweet chocolate chips and an attempt with a calligraphy pen.

It started off that way - we flirted a little bit Friday night, exchanged glances, maybe a bit more but I promised that I'd never tell. 

When I woke up Saturday morning with feelings of regret and shame, I realized I'd been lying in bed for 15 hours, and also lying to myself about what I really wanted in a relationship. Netflix was always there for me, giving me anything I needed, helping me through the hard times, always offering me something new - but never challenging me. Always comfortable to be with, but never moving me forward. 

Then I remembered how deeply I wanted a swole-mate to have my whey with... so I took my opportunity to work out with ClassPass and made it a weekend full of loving me - body, mind and soul! I dated my sexy muscles. Gave them the love and attention they deserve. Took them out on the town and did them good. 

Where'd we go?


Pure Barre - Holy what, you barre girls are crazy and have powerful pelvic muscles. I liked... a lot. 


Aspire Total Fitness - Bodypump hit my arms and shoulders just right.

The Grinning Yogi - Chill Flow for some good vibes, easy transitions and that deep stretch love. I even made it a date and invited Caitlin to come along too! 

Don't forget the part where I made this spinach, bacon, avocado, yummy something salad. I washed it down with only one glass of wine. No, I didn't spell "bottle" wrong. Glass. 

My Sunday morning workout thanked me for it. 

I can't picture a better weekend more full of love. Love of body, love of self, love of mind!

Also love of SNL40, that was pretty silly for the bit I was able to stay awake for.

How was your lovely weekend?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Have Your Whey With Me?

Happy Friday! Hope you're not superstitious of the 13th.  

It's been a long week hasn't it? I'm feeling a little desperate for the weekend even though you know my plans don't include anything crazier than some Netflix and naps. Can't all days be full of those two words?

Speaking of Netflix - you guys rock with all of the recommendations! The super-geek in me is a huge fan of almost anything that the History Channel puts out, and therefore you can imagine how extreme my excitement was to find "The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents". Might be the greatest find all week.

I'm linking up with Amanda today (who gets married in ONE week!) with my favorites!

Favorite Silly Valentine:

I've seen a lot of good ones this week from left shark being the right shark for you, to nala wanting simba to hakuna her tata's, but this one made me chuckle and want a swolemate to send it to.

Favorite '50 Shades' Should-You, Shouldn't-You Read:

Just so you know, and so that I know, theres no full frontal.

Favorite Blog Re-Find:

I've been out of the blog-reading market for a while now and coming back to play has helped me to re-discover a blogger who covers all kinds of awesome stuff from workouts to food to how-to-get-it-all-done. Just check this girl out! Her name is Bonnie and she has three kids! 

Favorite Reminder

Oh, don't forget the part this week where I was reminded that I was conceived on Valentine's Day 28 years ago.

Thanks mom and dad.

And with that - Have a good weekend, all! 

Who else is linking up with Amanda's Friday Favorites?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Netflix, Will You be My Valentine?

Ladies and gentlemen, back at it for the third day in a row and we're here for the best day of all the days. Hump day confessions! Thanks again Melissa for bringing this back to life after a short down-time. I know it's not easy to host a link up but you're doing it good, right and handsomely. 

:: Let's start with confession the hands-down best part of my weekdays. Brooke (formerly known as Babbling Brookelyn) sends me a snapchat of her amazing instagram animals calendar that Mr. Guy got her and it's the best. It's a daily feature of some insta-famous animal account with their user name included so you can go see the rest of the page. I'm starting to notice my recent follows are animals, not people... and I'm okay with this. 

Meet @RustyRodas (from Portland!)

:: Getting "back into blogging" has been hard. What do we talk about? internet things? beauty things? life things? fitness things? recipe things? embarrassing things? uplifting things? travel things? terrifying things? I guess whatever I want but there's a block. Maybe it also comes from not seeing all the familiar faces around because I abandoned this world for a bit while I selfishly (my least favorite kind of fish) took a little write-only-read-never break. sorry?

:: Do you remember dance class Jessi? She is obnoxious, she is animated, she is wild and boy does she love a good rump shaker. I've been committing to my dance class lately and while I've forgotten a ton of the moves I'm still up for turning down... but for what? See what I did there? Don't believe me? This is from my dance class partner in crime. She really is always grabbing my butt and I'm always presenting it to her for grabbing. It's just so round and so.... out there. 

:: My Valentine this year is Netflix. That's right, you can't have him. Actually I'm taking it solo and going to get all luvo on myself this Saturday. That means doing all the treat-yo'self things like a good workout, mani/pedi, definitely some wine and hopefully making my skype date with Melissa happen. But I'm serious on Netflix. Any recommendations?

And that's what I've got today - find me something good on Netflix please? Love/romance related not required. 

Go confess all with Melissa!
Making Melissa

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Something Weak, Something Strong

No, no, no. Wait who am I? 

I stayed up past my bedtime watching the train wreck that is "The Bachelor" and don't know how to look away.  The guy is such a snore and yet multiple crazy ladies find themselves ugly crying on national TV over how much they're capable of loving him. You don't know him, how do you know how capable you are of loving him or if you'd be willing to move to snoozeville with him? And why do you care who is more compatible with him, or who likes country music more, or who can carry a tune better - as twangy and sideways as it may be. 

Also on another tangent - if you go on that show you have to understand that the guy is going to develop feelings for girls other than you, right? And it's very possible that he's going to latch onto one more than the others, possibly latch onto one other than you, yet still show you signs of affection because he's "playing the game" like all the men before him and all the ladies before him too. 

The drama is cheap, the plot lines are weak, the interviews are punishing - yet somehow I have already dedicated paragraphs to the subject. Bloggers I blame you and twitter I blame you - I shouldn't even know that Monday is the day I can get into this nonsense. 

I'd hate to end there and have you think that all I have to talk about is blah blah blah "The Bachelor".

What else, what else. 

Oh, yesterday was my new favorite #MuscleCrushMonday and I found myself hitting it hard at the gym with one of my favorite hate-to-love, love-to-hate classes. 

The workout included 60 minutes of weighted circuits, stairs and sprints. When I used to take this class years ago I thought I was in shape because I ran 100 miles a month. No, not at all. Now that I pick up heavy things and pick up more heavy things, this class was do-able for me and there's a serious possibility that I'll be able to go again on Wednesday. I used to shy away from this class because it'd leave me unable to move for days - all it did for me last night was pumped me with adrenaline and that's not a bad feeling at all. 

Seriously, lift heavy things and drink water and eat right. You'll love what you feel and love what you'll realize your body is capable of. Oh and your butt will get big and it will become your most prized possession - after your arms that look good in and out of flex mode. 

Thanks for letting me show up two days in a row - I could get re-used to this blogging thing. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Don't Shake The Polaroid

Well I hate to admit it but I don't remember what the Monday link-ups are. That's what happens when you're an impostor blogger who only shows up to the party when you want to! 

Let's kick off the week with one of my favorites, Things I Learned This Weekend (by Katie Que)

:: I can go to Target with a list and I can successfully leave with only the things on that list. 

:: You're not really supposed to shake polaroid pictures, you be patient and you let that shit develop while you drink another beer. 

:: Amanda knows all. She said buy this, I bought three - and can't believe how in love I am. 

:: No matter how many pre-night out selfies you take, the final last resort selfie as you're heading out the door is always best.

:: Madonna doesn't age. I'm convinced she sleeps for months in between public appearances.

:: Apparently I have a big butt? Hm - didn't realize squats did that? Guess I'll have to do more. 

:: When you leave your mail and random life in "piles", they become bigger and randomer piles until you organize them. No, my receipts from 2013 weren't still necessary on my kitchen counter - who would have guessed? 

Good luck and good riddance. Wishes for a great week ahead from me to you!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Plot Twist!

If you follow me on social media or if you read this blog every day (even though I only publish once per week lately, you stalker you!) you may have noticed my recent "self love" initiative.

It's been since the New Year that I've focused my energy toward positive output - including happy selfies, positive messages, love of my muscles, love of good weather and love of love.

This love shifted both inward and broadly outward have been smoke signals of me and my heart letting go of someone very close to my heart. Someone who I wish the best for and someone I fantasized doing life with until he showed me what that life was actually going to look like based on reality and facts. Someone who will make everyone around him proud if he realizes the man he has the potential to be. Right now he's the man he wants to be.

That's right, I'm single.

Over the river and through the woods, this crazy train barreled all throughout the land disrupting all in its path. I made a risky investment in love and came up short. Sunk costs keep sinking. He's the one who ended it, probably 4-5 months too late considering the ups and downs of "us".

Pro-tip: always create the break-up playlist during the relationship, not after.

I wrote a ridiculously high-road post glorifying the man I imagined he was, then a sober middle-road edit where I gave probably too many details on the tough stuff, then narrowed it down to this - just because I truly agree that forever-never is the right path for us and everyone around us.

I'd rather wait forever to be with the one who is always doing me good. Doing me good in life, doing me good in love, doing me good in heart and doing me so good in every possible way. No doubt, no question. Fall for the man who would walk 500 miles and then walk 500 more, except that I'd meet him in the middle and we'd find a more efficient way of transportation.

A few lessons for the road before I publish this, turn off the comments and never write about this guy again...again!

If you're scared or tired of what you're scared of - go. 
If you're told "tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes - go. 
If you're told "I'm sorry" more than "you're beautiful" - go.
If you have to ask to be shown love - go. 
If your gut tells you go - go.
If your mom and dad tell you to go - go! (mom you are still always right!)
If you are incapable of using "#howitshouldbe" on social media - go.
If you take off your promise ring for any reason other than to lift heavy things - please just go!

Immature rant: {Hello my southern trolls - I know how tra-la-la-la-la happy you are that ding-dong the witch is gone. Tra-la-la ding-dong back at you in the nicest way possible. This is the best (!!!!happy things!!!!) for everyone and hopefully that means you're done trolling around my world. It seems exhausting. Also - the 'anonymouse' search engine doesn't block your views or the hours you spent reading... #theinternetissmarterthanyouthink #theyseeyoutrollin #themoreyouknow #sorrythatyoucare #saveyourself #callmedontstalkme #trustyourgut #unsolicitedandhonestadvice}