Friday, May 30, 2014

See ya, May!

No way, so you guys I didn't tell you something really funny from this entire month. 

You remember how the mailman took all of my mail and made me go get it myself (here)?

Well after I went and got it from the post office, I still didn't get any mail delivery for two weeks. I saw my guy at the neighborhood cleanup event last weekend and basically told him I'm sorry that I'm a 20-something that doesn't value his job the mail. 

So, I promised that if he delivered it all on Tuesday that I would be less of a jack-wad and check it every other day. Well he agreed, so Tuesday I had a mailbox truly bursting with all sorts of good stuff - including a macbook case, my teeth whitening kit I won from Kenzie, and a very "well concealed "influenster #GoVoxBox that I haven't even opened yet!

There was also a lot of junk but I'm not going to shoot the messenger.

I'm not kidding, this is how I found it.

BUT you came here today for Favorites and I'm going to give you just one - a minute that will change the way you think of Korean babies (if you do think of Korean babies?)


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Thursday, May 29, 2014

How You Make Them Feel

I don't know that my words should take the stage today as I have one of my favorite Maya Angelou quotations to share. May she rest in peace.

Words matter. Actions matter.

But words and actions are just ingredients. 

Nothing is more important than being aware of the way that your words and actions make others feel - because the feels are what form the interaction and bond between us human beings (and even animals!).

Do less harm. 
Do more good. 
Spread your love, your kindness and all of the good feels you can offer. 

Sprinkle that shit everywhere.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Want You To Be A Luvo

Ahhh! This is the best week ever because hump day came early!!

I probably have a lot to confess but I'm just so thrilled for you to get to confession #2 that I don't have much else to say today. I was brave in a great big way. 

:: Kristen introduced me to the term "luvo" which means that you love yourself... a lot. I confess that I am a luvo and really want you to be one too - it's a pretty empowering feeling. Don't be ashamed we can all be luvo's together and change the way our daughters think of themselves.

:: I POSTED A BIKINI PHOTO TO THE INTERNET - check the fitness blog for that scary moment. It's not even a first-thing-in-the-morning photo (because my hair would suck, duh)

:: I'm neglecting blogging pretty hard lately. I'm writing and getting things published, but I'm not waking up early like I used to and reading before the work day - which puts me way behind on everything from replying to emails and reading all the wonderful things you're writing. I'm going to try to get better but I won't make any promises. 

:: I go through more sriracha than anyone you know. That's a fact and a confession. 

:: I went to Target this weekend and only bought a mini tower fan. I was impressed especially since I walked into the store and chuckled that all the things I wanted would never fit into a basket.

What about you, what can you confess today??

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Memorial Weekending Things

So I kind of forgot about blogging this weekend.

Last weekend I pre-scheduled all of my posts so I didn't really write for about 10 days. Then this weekend there was always more sunshine to be out in, always another nap to take - always more sweat to get out. Needless to say, starting this draft at 1am Monday morning means you're going to get a photo dump more than a lesson.

:: When there's poop in your city's water you make sure to attend a community volunteer clean-up event where they've promised bottled water. #pdxboil

:: You also attend that event when your amazing mom is the one who puts it on each year.

:: Nap Friday night (even though I said I wouldn't) = no going out for fun with Kayla.

:: 1 Mile / 100 Pull ups / 200 Push ups / 300 Squats / 1 Mile = no gas left for hiking with Brooke.

:: I went swimsuit shopping. I didn't cry. I bought three bikinis (!!!)

:: Being home with mom and dad on meat prep day is a great idea.

:: I will accept meat as payment for computer help services:

:: Time spent with the sisters fills my heart more than most things I can think of.

:: A clean car is a happy car - can you believe she's almost 10?? Thanks Dad!

And that's enough! How about you - what did you learn this long weekend you're dying to share?

Go wish Tracey a happy Honeymoon - Melissa and I left her a present today on her blog.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Long Weekend Favorites

Okay how about a deal today on this lovely Friday?

Long weekend, short post! You can get down with that right? It's been a long week and I'm ready for the long weekend and hopefully a half day at work today!

Favorite Outfit

Thursday morning, no make-up and making sure that my butt looked big in a new dress.


It's proof that I squat and love my curves - even if my photos don't always show them off!

Favorite Night

Tuesday was perfect. I got home, replied to some emails and went out for a 5 mile refresh, unwind and 'jam-out' walk in my neighborhood. I'm planning this much more often.

Favorite Buzzfeed

26 Reasons why Parents Shouldn't be Texting!

But they should, because this was actually funny...

That's all today - thanks for a great week and sharing in yesterday's happy!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finding My Happy

"Jessi, what do you want to be when you grow up?"


I've been on a mission to discover what "happiness" means to me over the past few months and I'm finally ready to share some of the things that I've learned about myself.

At 26 years old I thought that I would know what makes me happy. Fundamentally, I know that I enjoy a sunny day and recognition for a job well done - or flowers just because. But sometimes the world doesn't always show us those sunny days and sometimes the only flowers you get are the ones you buy or grow yourself.

I understood the need to find my happy within myself - the happy that couldn't be controlled by someone or something else.

It's been quite the amazing journey.

For me, finding happiness hasn't been an attempt to make the good things better. It's been discovering the things that make me unhappy and finding ways to cope with them, change the way they impact me and actually turning them into positives.

This process of deconstructing the un-happy has helped to make me less insecure, less guarded, less afraid - and as a result, I've set the foundation to find my true and honest happy place.

Happy is not worrying what others think of me. It's mouthing the words to John Legend's "All of Me" in public (or in the car) and not caring who sees. It's posting another selfie to instagram because I like the way my eyes look - even if it's the fifth consecutive selfie that I've posted in the span of two days.

Happy is writing without reservation. Letting my thoughts get published to the internet was once a scary thing - but now it's exciting. The more I write, the more I find people out there that are just like me. Whether it's something superficial like what kind of eyeliner I use or something serious like how I've blossomed from a breakup - I learn more and more about myself by the community that's unfolded in front of me.  

Happy is wearing less make-up, spending less money on clothes, embracing the way I look in glasses and the way my hair gets frizzy when I've stepped out in the rain without an umbrella. It's putting on clothes in the morning and not standing in front of my closet for another 10 minutes trying to find something that will look better. It's standing in front of the mirror and being proud of the reflection staring back at me.

Happy is taking risks. Seeking rejection. Getting surprised by acceptance. Not setting expectations on the way I think that others should think, feel and react. Happy is forgiving myself. Being honest about what I want.

Happy is stepping out of my scary and stifling 'comfort zone'. Realizing the magic that happens when I test myself and try new things. For example, when I purposefully go to dance class because I have no rhythm, then watching as I improve and even begin to love it. That feeling transfers into other things and helps me to continue to take risks on other things that make me uncomfortable. 

Happy is being comfortable saying no. And being comfortable saying yes. It's having the freedom to make my own decisions because they feel good and they feel right. Not because they're the ones I feel socially pressured to make.  

Happy is shamelessly being me. The goofy, silly, witty, unfiltered me who loves to laugh at myself and loves to laugh with others. Laughter is the key to my heart and the instant way to gain my affection.

Happy is finding the beauty in others. Their imperfections, their quirks, their fears and dreams. Encouraging them to follow their passions - and to be passionate about something. Helping someone else find the happy that they deserve too. Happiness is sharing with others the keys to finding their own happy - whatever that means for them.

I'm proud of the woman I've become and the happiness I continue to pursue.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So Many Things to Confess

Let's start today's confessions with admitting that I am THE worst daughter. Ever. 

Thing #1 - I didn't get mom anything for her half birthday that was on Sunday. That makes it 26 years in a row. 
Thing #2 - Mom has been blogging for weeks and finally made it to my sidebar today! Derp.

So I'm usually a fan of themed confessions but this week you're going to get a whole lot of random from me. It's partially from the extra sleep I got this weekend and partially that I wrote this on Sunday with the aid of two 4-shot Americano's over 5 hours. It's just what a rainy weekend will do to a person. 

Let me take the podium.

:: I lust over non-paleo #foodporn on instagram. Especially breakfast plates.
:: Sometimes I don't remember if I've used a certain gif before on my blog(s).
:: I will judge you if you wear shorts / a dress without tights on a rainy 50 degree day.
:: The desire to go shopping is outweighed by the desire to stay home in pajamas.
:: I admit to blogger burnout too. 
:: Meeting friends for Happy Hour just doesn't sound like fun anymore - but meet for a workout? Yes!
:: I don't mind being people-watched in a coffee shop. It makes me feel interesting or is something wrong with my hair?
:: My "sobriety" streak was broken at 75 days because of work. It upset me - but it made me realize how much I've grown as a person and how happy I truly am. Cheers to personal growth!
:: I like singing in my car... sorry for the video quality. This one's for you, Brooke.

Happy Hump Day! What secrets do you want to share?

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Guest Post: Favorite Leg Exercise

Today on my fitness blog we're talking about my favorite leg exercise(s) and lucky you - it's another vlog!! Woof

At least this time I showered for it.

Just click my face (or bicep) below to find me!

Then get excited because tomorrow is hump day!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Sleep is the New Party

Well hello there, Monday! 

If you want another dose of me today (ugh, I know) I'm guest posting over at Katherine's blog to wish her and Thomas a happy Honeymoon!

I feel like I could do an entire post on things I learned from binge-watching Season 1 of Orange is the New Black on Saturday. Great suggestion from those of you who recommended it. But really, how come Alex's hair always looks perfect while Piper's goes from greasy-chic to just washed - when they haven't shown a single hair dryer yet. I feel like there's some magic dry shampoo trick they haven't shared yet. 

But, there's so much more I learned this weekend that I might have to save that for the Season 2 premiere in June. 

Thank you for all of the half birthday wishes, I partied pretty hard Friday night. 

And by "party hard" I mean that I took a nap at 6pm and woke at midnight - still in my maxi dress and contacts. I laugh to call it a nap because 6 hours is more sleep than I get most weeknights these days - wanna see what some lucky guy is going to wake up next to someday?

Onto the wonderful things I learned!

:: No plans weekends are my favorite weekends.
:: Paying attention at work will relieve you from doing extra work on the weekend.
:: You shouldn't obsess over Google Analytics - the truth isn't in the data.
:: It's important to take advantage of good Saturday weather because Sunday it will always rain.
:: My friends can run and finish half marathons while I'm still in bed (ha- suckers!)
:: Gross days outside mean perfect days for local coffee shops inside.
:: Quad 20oz Americano (USA!), please.

:: Locking yourself down in a coffee shop to write for your two blogs is always a great idea.
:: Only a great idea though if your playlist doesn't make you emotional in public.
:: I hold a drink the same way now as I did back when I was 10 (jury is still out who's cutest)
:: My pinky finger is weird/fancy(?)

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Thursday, May 15, 2014



Sorry for the shouting so early this morning but I am really excited. 

I'm one of those incredibly obnoxious people that celebrates their half birthday. I think this is my favorite day of the year because it's usually great weather and I get notes and well wishes from the people who REALLY know my birthday (and know how to count +6 months from what facebook says). 

I also really love half birthdays because I still get presents! In the past there's been dinner celebrations, cake and even once was an opportunity for me to introduce mom to a guy that I was dating (kind of - I didn't really introduce him that way). 

What better way to celebrate a half birthday than to tell you a few of my week's favorites with Amanda?!

Favorite Half Birthday Gift

Thanks to mom and dad I now have another set of dumbbells to add to the family (3's and 5's owned currently).

I don't think I'll be doing My Favorite Arm Workout with 10's though.

Favorite Awkward

In traffic on Thursday morning I was stopped and was talking a double-chin selfie for my snapchat friends. I was beyond embarrassed when a cute boy in the car next to me was looking over and laughing at my attempt to take an incredibly unflattering photo of myself. What an idiot. 

I blushed and aborted the mission - and instead took this one where I'm clearly blushing.

Favorite Win

No, it wasn't the Blazers winning game 4 in round 2 of the playoffs (because they lost game 5) - it was the news that I won Kenzie's Smile Brightly Giveaway and have this LED kit coming next week!

Favorite Playlist I Found

A few weeks ago (maybe months I'm not sure) Brooke shared this song but it was recently pulled from Spotify - which made me really really upset.

In my quest to find it on YouTube I actually found an hour-long relaxing mix that includes a Kygo No Diggity - you've got to give this a listen!

That's enough for today - I'm a big fan of brief favorites/confessions these days. Don't they say less is more?

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Today we are supposed to talk about firsts with Helene and Sarah

I was thinking about what I could share with you that wouldn't be awkward like my very first blog post - because let's be real. That was embarrassing and I don't even want to know what I was thinking this would someday become when I published it. A local blog, a city blog, a restaurant blog, a photography/fashion/fitness blog? There's really no telling.

There's so many things we could talk about - like first concert, first job, first love - but I think today you get to hear about my first date... back in 5th grade.

The "love connection" between us two ten year olds was unstoppable. We both went to the same elementary school, we were both tall, we were both class clowns, we both pitched on our respective little league teams and our names both start with the letter "J". Who needed with those kind of stats?

Let's do this in list form, shall we?

- First Date: Titanic (in theaters)

- Ages: Me, 10 - Him, 11
- Other guests: His parents
- Money he got for his birthday: $30
- Money he I we spent on candy at the theater: $30

- Times hands were held: 0
- Times I avoided looking at his parents: During all the nude/steamy scenes
- Length of time we dated after that: 1 year, 6 months
- Amount of time while dated that we actually talked: probably 25 minutes total?
- # of other dates we went on: zero unless you count middle school dances.

I searched high and low for photos of us at a dance, but then it was bedtime so you'll have to imagine what he looked like. Instead you get to enjoy what I looked like at that awkward stage of life - bonus, I was on a cruise in these photos!

See that necklace? Yeah - he got me that. #YoungLove

I don't know where he is today or what he looks like - but I'm certain he just remembers that I owe him $30 in candy from his 11th birthday.

Bahhh come back tomorrow for a very special Half Birthday edition of Friday Favorites!

Venus Trapped in Mars

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Probably Haven't Seen It...

If there's a movie you think everyone in the world has seen, chances are that I probably haven't seen it. 

Of all the social things I'm most insecure about, it's this.

I can fake my way through almost any kind of conversation except for when somebody quotes a movie and all of a sudden - everyone is chiming in about their favorite parts and there I am trying to just giggle and awkwardly pretend like I have seen that part of the movie. It's a really annoying thing about me to some guys who I've tried to date because if all they do is quote movies - I really have no side in the conversation (not that I've ever dated a guy like that).

We could blame a few things for why I don't have any depth in movie knowledge.

:: My family didn't have cable until I was in high school. 
:: I was always at a sports practice while I was growing up.
:: I preferred to watch The Lion King 389 times rather than watch any other movies. 
:: I chose studying over watching movies on Sundays. #NerdAlert
:: "Watching a movie" with a boy is/was really just an excuse to make out. #NotSorry 
:: I currently only watch an hour of TV per week (looking at you, Game of Thrones)
:: Just like my mom, I forget sometimes if I've seen a movie or not.
:: Let's be real, I can't keep my attention fixed on something for 90-120 minutes straight. 

Yes, I've seen the Harry Potter movies and yes I've seen Mean Girls - also Step Brothers and Billy Madison. But there's some others that I'm sorry - I just haven't seen and I won't know what you're referencing when we're in a big group and everyone is laughing except for me.

So, friends - what are some of the must watch movies on your list (preferably that are on Netflix) that I need to add to my list? Or are movies a thing of the past and I should really be spending my time on series like Mad Men and Downton Abbey? (I have seen Breaking Bad & House of Cards!)

Anything goes - just assume that I've never seen any movies ever and still own a VCR. Trying to stock up a must-see list for the rainy days we're sure to have still this spring in Portland. 

I am cheating with a confessions/cry for help here. Thanks as always!

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Guest Post: Favorite Arm Exercise

Today on my fitness blog we're talking about my favorite arm exercise and there's a special surprise for you.

Hint: It's my first Vlog.

Just click my face (or bicep) below to find me!

Then come back tomorrow for some quality humpday confessions!

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