Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let Me Check My Planner...

I thank my good friend and former roommate Leanna for giving me the greatest Christmas present EVER three years ago. She introduced me to the wonders of a Moleskine Planner. I can't say that I'd be as organized as I am now without it. All of my work deadlines, social plans, birthday wishes and more are written in as they come about and help me to stay on top of all of my activities.

That being said, I've had to reach into my handbag a lot recently to consult the pen marks on the pages to make sure that I'm not double (and triple) booking myself between happy hours, work meetings, lunches, BBQ's and pamper sessions. Today I accidentally committed to weekend plans without consulting my planner, and found that I had to cancel an appointment. I was embarrassed that I didn't check my plans, but learned an important lesson that reminded me to be more aware of my commitments and to make sure to not spread myself too thin!

<3 JE

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b said...

Oh my! I love my planner!!!!

I love being able to say "Oh yeah, I think I'm free that day!" Then check my planner and say "Oh shoot! Looks like I'm busy that day! Maybe we can do it next week? Oh shoot! I'm busy all those days too!"

Then the person thinks I'm soooo busy, but really I just hate them and don't want to hang out with them.

Does that make me a horrible person? Maybe, but at least my planner makes it seem legit!