Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hello, Pomodoro Mood

I've put myself in this confessions-only blogger rut a few times in my writing past, but it's always what seems to spark some inspiration and give you a real look into what's going on in my world these days. 

What really sparked this post today was the consistent magic offered by Alyssa in her productivity post titled "How to Actually Get Sh*t Done". The first point about the Pomodoro Technique made me a master of my time after just one use. The "distraction pad" is the cure my wandering attention tendencies while her remarks about being in the mood help to prioritize. 

I've Pomodoro'd four times since reading that productivity post and I've found a new thing to get addicted to. Fun to say, easy to do once distractions are removed and highly transferable to any activity. Think work, cleaning, sweating, intimacy, morning routine. It's all yours. 

This was blogged while pomodoro-ing and listening to a 25-minute playlist I created with multiple versions of "Hello". Mainly because I can't decide if I really like the song, the words, the vibe or if the lyrics could easily be replaced with a ballad about me apologizing to my thighs for the decisions I made in November with food and exercise.  At least I can say that I tried. 

Let the confessions begin. 

:: Cyber Monday was really just selfish Monday where I bought one real Christmas gift, two pairs of booties, a Living Social deal I can use at some point over the next four years, and a ton of Old Navy goodness because sitewide was 50% off with a few other redemption codes I'd been saving up for my next big buy. 

:: Cyber Monday was also a little light on the gift side because the guy found the perfect way to treat each other that we're going to have to be patient about. The paradise all-inclusive sun-soaked adults-only resort vacation is booked and paid for, but it's not until mid-June of 2016! I'm so eager that I already tried to request vacation days at work, but it's systematically too far in advance. We've been chatting about a trip in the Spring with the family, too.

:: The big surprise of the week was when we retrieved actual mail from our overflowing mailbox and found two perfectly timely birthday cards with sweet greetings and wishes for my 28th year on this planet. Both greetings were from women I met over the Internet, a fact I enjoy sharing with anyone who doesn't need to know. A text to each and some social media real estate served as my apologies, but I'll continue to make up for it with some adorable holiday cards of my own that will be mailed this week.

:: This weekend my guy finally got a taste of what it's like for a girl to walk into Target during the holidays. We got in, got exactly what we needed and then I informed him that I needed to look around a little more. We avoided the clothes and shoes, but there was a point where I had to send his hovering-self away to do his own thing while I browsed the holiday decor and picked up soup ingredients. Do your men understand what it's like to walk into Target with a basket to fill?

And this. 

Adele. When you're ghosted, you're ghosted. Or I suppose if you were the ghost then you stick with it, girl. 


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Nadine Lynn said...

I was intrigued by Alyssa's post and Pomodoro as well. I need to try it out this week and see how much more productive I can be. Let's be honest...this time of is lucky if I am 50% LOL! I was selfish on Black Friday with a gift for a niece then a shirt for me, a video game for my nephew and then booties for me. Oops. But like...treat yo'self!

Your vacation sounds heavenly!!! I bet you already have a countdown and everything :)

Melissa Nicole said...

i love you bye.

Alanna @ Alanna and Company said...

Haha yeah, guys don't understand target whatsoever. I really should have done more cyber monday shopping but I missed out :(

MacKensie said...

lololol to Adele sentiments. Couldn't agree more. Off to read about productivity while I have 14 million tabs open. xo

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

i also took advantage of old navy and got some stuff off my list but the rest of the black friday/cyber monday sales sucked :(

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Oh man! The wait for the trip would kill me too but it will definitely be worth it!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Old Navy gets me every time but not this year.

Kenzie Smith said...

Most definitely going to have to check out Alyssa's list! Sounds like wonderful techniques are shared :) That is so excited about the trip that you and your man purchased! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh thank you for being lovely and for being such a boss lady with that Pomodoro technique! So glad you found it helpful. And thank you for the genius idea of the 25-minute playlist! I must away to make one right now.

Myra said...

The Pomodoro technique is for sure!!

LOL to the Target trip. Boys will just never ever understand. You go on with your holiday shopping, girlfriend. x

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i got Adele's new album but i don't get the ghosted reference. i hadn't heard hello until i bought the album, i'm so behind the times. yay selfish monday! i did selfish black friday through sunday. it was fun.
yay June 2016 vacation twins! i am itching to put my time off request in as well. yay fun!