Thursday, February 4, 2016

Four Eyes: Better Than Two

My friends over at Firmoo have done it again!

It had been over a year since the wonderful people at Firmoo contacted me to showcase a pair from their blogger collection. Getting an email from them at the start of 2016 is high on my current "YES!" list.

My last selection in 2014 was the most hipster-Portland pair I could find, seeing that I was a Portland native who never really got into a lot of the flannel and big glasses style. Well, wouldn't you know that the Tennessee boyfriend said 'they weren't his favorite', but that didn't bother me since we lived 2,500 miles apart. And whatever, Pacific Northwest style rules.

However, moving to Tennessee made me see that the boyfriend's opinion carried some weight. The big frames are really off-trend here, especially in Memphis. That out of place feeling paired with the reality that I am down to my final box of contacts made this opportunity to shop the collection very exciting. 

Firmoo glasses are not only affordable, there's several other reasons why you should be shopping their collection for your next pair. Especially for that first-time discount!

It can be a little challenging to narrow down which pair would be the best fit for your face and your style, but their 'upload a selfie' option allows you to see how each pair would look on your mug and help to point you in the right direction. This time, I took to the 'upload a selfie' tool, compiled options into a one-pager and allowed my Snapchat buddies to weigh in on which ones were their favorite. 

Once you've found the right look for you, the customer service team makes your order, your prescription confirmation, the wait time and the mail day so seamless. In less than a week I had confirmed my order and picked them up from my apartment's mail office. The packaging is on point with a sturdy wanderlust-worthy case, a colorful cleaning cloth, a separate travel case and of course, your frames. The frames? You'll love them, just like I've loved my last two finds. 

Like mine? These are the FRM8821 - Black/Purple C81 with 1.57 thin & light lens with anti-reflection and anti-UV coatings. 

Cherry on top! The purple is an exact match to my 2016 Moleskine planner that I tote around with me everywhere!

*I was given prescription glasses in exchange for a review on my blog - all opinions are my own and all selfies are shameless.


Kay R. said...

That pair is REALLY cute! I love the pink and black frame. Firmoo rocks!

Myra said...

Love! You are gorgeous, friend! x

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

What a cute pair of glasses.

Lauren said...

I won a Firmoo giveaway and got the same glasses! But no thin lenses bc I'm cheap. I really like them!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

you are so pretty :) i really need to go to the eye doctor and get a new prescription, everything is blurry lately lol. then i will check out firmoo again for some new glasses.

alyssa said...

I love your face with or without glasses, but with these glasses, it's a special kind of amazing :) love that they match your planner too!

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

i just got my pair and they were hella expensive! it was mostly the lens but also, i figured since i'd have to wear glasses, might as well look good so i went for a pair of burberry frames because i'm a label ho :D