Saturday, June 30, 2012

She Sells Seashells

July already? Happy birth month to my girl Brooke!

My family and I had a great weekend at the coast despite rainy weather and unpredictable house projects. The necessity of having a handyman (my dad) around is a new standard for me in my quest to find a mate. He continues to set the bar high and I don't think he will ever stop. Well played, Tim!

If enjoying family time and testing Pinterest recipes aren't enough, we have made a point to explore the beaches to the North and South of Lincoln City in an attempt to shop our rainy day opportunities. On Saturday afternoon we set out for a 20 minute drive to Pacific City where we were surprised to find a young demographic, a Slingball tournament (example here) and an award winning pub with an oceanfront view. If you've never been to Pelican Pub, come join me on a weekend and we will indulge in a too-good-to-be-true salad, a savory burger and a refreshing pint. Afterwards we can work it off by trekking up the sand dunes for a sunset view... Beach life is no excuse to miss a workout!

Some of my favorite things about our vacation home so far (sans some of Mom's amazing DIY projects!):

Beach photos from the early 90's - Mix old with new




Bailey Even loves to play in the sand


We Embrace Beach Time :)


Unfortunately I can't be on beach time forever, but I can look forward to the upcoming week of Independence Day festivities including:

  • Long weekday runs

  • Starting a 30 Day Ab Challenge

  • A rooftop 3rd of July party hosted by my favorite PDX socialite extraordinaire Amanda!

  • Photo sharing with my friend Cory who just returned from 2 weeks in Honduras

  • House cleaning

  • Pre-screen of Savages

  • Portland Waterfront Blues Festival

  • Grillin'!

Tonight I'll be making 4th of July Brownie skewers & Smore's Pops!


<3 JE