Thursday, June 28, 2012

So What, I'm a Runner

Let's get this out of the way so things don't get awkward between us.

I run 100 MILES per month, every month.

Are we still cool?

I've always enjoyed stomping the pavement since I was at the age where I'd carry my Discman around with me and get frustrated that the music would skip every other step. Now the times have changed and technology has advanced - but ironically I don't need anything more than the thoughts in my head to get through a morning 6 mile run to start my day off right.

The benefits of running are endless. When I run I'm relieving stress, challenging myself, problem solving & workin' on my fitness (you're my witness). The reasons why I run and why I continue to run are easy to come up with, but many people don't feel the same way that I do.

Simply put - running comes down to motivation and dedication.

I started my 100 mile a month running plan in November of 2009 - a real turning point in my adulthood. It was the month of my 22nd birthday and had been a full 5 months since my college athletic career had ended.

Being an ex-collegiate athlete meant a lot of things for me:

  • Freedom in workout choices

  • Longer work hours as a result of less 'obligation'

  • More time spent studying to finish my two majors and minor

  • and... lots of happy hours to catch up on lost time with friends

All things considered, I learned (as most ex-collegiate athletes do) that I needed to make some adjustments in my attitude towards health because I was no longer getting it for free.

In an effort to run more / drink less, I devised a plan that states: "For every alcoholic beverage that I consume, I will run 2 miles within the 7 days that follow"

I learned very quickly that binge weekends and I didn't get along and that I really didn't need to order the last round at closing time.

As I followed my strict rules, people began to notice my body changing for the better and I witnessed my confidence skyrocket. I reaped the rewards of my hard work and I decided that running was not a "punishment" for my dietary choices, but instead was something I could set a goal against and strive to achieve it.

I have since logged every mile I've run over the past 2.5 years in an elaborate Excel file (3,141 as of June 28,2012), along with the exact count of every alcoholic beverage I've sipped on (not sharing, thanks!).

The next events for me are the Hood to Coast Relay (August 2012) and the Portland Marathon (October 2012), but truly I'm training for life!

<3 JE


Brooke Lyn said...

Just read this before my workout.... Thanks for the extra motivation, my lady!!!!! Needed it today.

Jessi said...


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