Tuesday, May 19, 2015

700 Miles

This weekend my car travelled 700 miles.

Two round trips. 

There alone, blasting loud dance music and singing at the top of my lungs. Back with company, music less loud, hands intertwined and doing everything to keep eyes on the open road. There with company as a passenger and nothing but eyes off the road. Back alone. Alone.

Two tanks of gas, two drivers, one latte, too many snacks. So many slug bugs, a few sad tears, so many happy tears. One snoozing passenger, one bio-break. 

In between all of that driving, there was no driving. 

Three trips to the grocery store across the street because once I didn't have butter and once there was a request for ice cream that we never ate. Two walks to the local coffee shop. One walk to the golf course with three irons and one putter. Two pints at the local watering hole followed up by six samples of the brews we didn't try.  One bet lost, two steaks grilled, six half-birthday gifts opened. Three rounds of supervised handstand practice, two naps, one water spill.

One thousand laughs and three thousand calories (per day). Ha, maybe more than that when you count the Honey BBQ Frito Twists on the walk back from the bar. 

However, I can't count the "what-if's", the "how-can's", the "what-about's". The "in a few weeks", "in a few months", "in a few years". The "When you", "When I", "When we". The "take these", the "leave that".

Sorry, this got serious. Here's one last number, my 400th Instagram Photo.


P!nky said...

Sounds like a crazy fun time!

MakeMeUpMia said...

Well, sounds pretty perfect to me. PS- I LOVEEEE Honey BBQ Frito Twists. I haven't had them in years, I ate those almost daily in high school... ;)

Anonymous said...

Wait, only one latte? Maybe we aren't soulmates after all :(
I kid, I kid.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

2 things.
ONLY 3000 calories?
You didn't eat the ice cream - so confused. I do not comprehend what it means to not eat ice cream immediately.

Erin LFF said...

Honey BBQ fritos are my JAM. I could go for some of those right about now haha! I'm so glad you had an awesome weekend- and that last photo? Hilarious.

Nadine Lynn said...

Oh man....Fritos?!?!? I haven't had those in forever. And I really REALLY want some now. Mmmmmm. Sounds like a pretty stellar weekend to me!

MacKensie said...

Way to end with a bang. :) Glad most of those numbers were happy ones.

Kenzie Smith said...

Oh my that sounds like a lot of adventure!

Kay R. said...

Ahhh you know I'm smiling for you. One thousand laughs and three thousand calories sounds perfect but the hands intertwined made me smile. Love this. You deserve this :)

lil desiqua said...

I'm confused :/ What is all this about tears and "in a few weeks/months" jazz?

Other than that, sounds like a pretty awesome weekend!