Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday is the New Sunday

Happy Friday to everyone!

Today is a well deserved vacation day for me. It has been a long two weeks and I am ecstatic that it's good and done with!

I was able to celebrate my hard work last night by watching the Batman trilogy at Cinetopia! I don't think I'd ever seen the first movie, had only seen the 2nd movie once, and will probably be seeing the 3rd movie a few more times... epic! Don't wait for me to spoil it for you with a "What I Learned from Batman" post.

Dan and I got to the theater an hour and a half early and got what I would consider the best seats in the house! Although, at Cinetopia I'm not sure you could find a bad seat - it's a must visit if you've never been. There was a point about 20 minutes from the end of the first movie where I realized how awesome the next 6 hours of my life were about to be!

Also Free Hurley Sunnies!

This week I also was the bearer of gifts for a good friend of my brother's who will be moving away to bigger and better things. He was upset that he wasn't able to give proper congratulations via email or phone call, so Matt, being the class act that he is, dispatched me to go pick up a spendy bottle of champagne and deliver it. I didn't realize how difficult Dom Perignon would be to find in PDX, but after 7 stops I finally found the perfect bottle in my own neighborhood and delivered it safely and in style!

I say that Friday is the new Sunday as I decided to do my LONG run today. I chose a hilly 13 mile route that was a serious challenge and an overall exhilarating run. I have only experienced the "runner's high" sensation of euphoria a few times, always on my longest distance runs, and can only describe it as the moment where you are no longer in control of your body, but rather that you have 100% control of your mind. Happiness. It also earned me 5,600 Fuel points - I can't complain!

Today is also one of my favorite days of the month because I get to indulge in a 90 minute massage with Maggie, the best massage therapist in town!

Everyone have a great weekend!

<3 JE

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