Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Update

Weekends with no agendas and no obligations are my favorite kind.

Ideally, summer weekends in the NW equal sunny pool days, long evenings and the company of your greatest friends. This was not one of those weekends.

My original plans were to celebrate the birthdays of my great friends Michaele, Cory and David but at the last minute took the spontaneous approach and headed south to our family vacation home on the coast.  Sorry again for missing out, friends! We will celebrate soon! The journey to the coast was not made alone, Dan got the weekend off from his hobby golf course job and packed a bag to get away with me.

First  priority of course (his idea) was to get pedicures!

...check the socks! ;)

We made it to the coast in typical Friday evening fashion. After dropping off our groceries and light luggage at the house, we headed south to Mo's for their famous Blackened Shrimp and Clam Chowder. Drool. Dan especially likes when we go out to dinner because he gets to eat his meal, then insists that my left overs won't be good anymore if we take them to-go, and therefore convinces me that he should finish mine too. At least nothing goes to waste.

As much as I love sunny beach weekends, this one was quite the opposite. The weather was overcast, foggy, and drizzly at times - offering us little to no visibility of the waves crashing or the sun setting over the horizon. Sounds like a bust-weekend, but we had a great time watching movies together on iPad, starting Day 1 of a 7 Day Cleanse (that didn't last long!) and checking out the scene at the outlet malls only half of a mile from the house.

Our attempt at eating nothing but fruit for a day

Mango chopping skills

Once we realized that we were low on energy, light headed and overall unsatisfied with starting a cleanse on a vacation weekend, we started to get a little more pep in our steps and went for mini adventures to the lake, in the city and anywhere that we could find cover from the rain if needed. Plus the cleanse didn't allow me to have hot cocoa... and I love hot cocoa.

Sunday morning we woke up early earlier than Saturday and took advantage of the fresh fruit and chocolate from my dad's snack drawer and enjoyed made-to-order pancakes right at the breakfast table. Spend a few bucks on an Electric Griddle. There really is no other way to make pancakes!

Guess which one is mine!

All great weekends have to come to an end. We packed up, cleaned up and said goodbye until the next trip! I wish that weekends were just one day longer!

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Brooke Lyn said...

I know which pancake would be mind, if that counts?!