Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stress Management 101

Caution: Mini rant & rave ahead!

A pet peeve of mine for an unknown reason is when I hear the phrase  "I'm so stressed out, I really need a drink!". Either there's a shortage of drinking water, or people have learned that the only ways to manage their stress is to order up a cold one and mill over their day, vowing that the next one will be better and that everything that happened to them was outside of their control. Usually false.

This week has been one of those weeks where in the past I could have easily admitted defeat, stressed out, blamed others for how their actions added pressure to my life and remedied it with desserts (<read that backwards), booze and many other tempting damaging things. I won't deny that I indulged in some late night Fro-Yo on Tuesday, but that was more to satisfy my sweet tooth than to cope with anger.

While I lay here judging others' inability to manage stress, I begin to recognize the ways that I personally manage stress and how many of my go-to solutions are incorporated into my daily life. My stress management techniques are now as much of a routine as brushing my teeth and setting my alarm at night.

Below I share my recommendations for a stress-reduced life with an example of how I've implemented each this week. You, my dear reader, even get to see a few C-Grade photos, lucky you!

First thing's first:


There's hundreds of ways to get out and recreate! Pick one that you enjoy and let it change you. My greatest thoughts and "ah-ha" moments (not A-Ha) come to me in the shower when I'm running, walking, breathing fresh air and thinking clearly.


Giggle with friends, watch a movie, find what makes you smile and add doses into your daily routine.

  • I saw the movie Ted at Cinetopia with my friend Phil and was reminded how funny I find flatulence jokes. I also thank my mom and dad for not naming me any of the "White Trash names" found in this clip.


Just because you've lived somewhere your whole life, you likely haven't come close to scratching the surface of your city! Check out unfamiliar neighborhoods, coffee shops, boutiques, parks, community events, etc!

  • I went to Robo Taco and devoured a mushroom taco that rivaled anything I've ever had at Por Que No, which is surprising as Por Que No has a mean menu and guacamole to die for!


Reward yourself for a day's hard work. Get a pedicure, read a book, sip an iced americano to cool down in the evening if that's your thing.

  • This week I've made a point to buy fresh fruit in preparation for days 1 & 3 of this 7 Day Detox plan. I can't get enough!

Kiwi > ______


Something about cooking, grilling, baking and preparing food gives me a sense of accomplishment and mindless pleasure (likely a result of only having channels 2-13 in my cable plan).

  • Knowing that I would have limited time this week, I fired up the grill on Monday night and made 5 servings worth of a no-recipe-needed pasta salad. Various ingredients in complementing proportions include: grilled chicken, spinach, wheat pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, pesto, sunflower seeds, cucumber, fresh ground pepper and the juice of one lime.

Cook once, eat for a week!


It always seems that on the days I know I'll be my busiest, I incorporate something into my wardrobe that I can look at and smile because of its loveliness. I have too many things that I feel this way about, mostly because my mom is a gift-giver with impeccable style.

  • I can't stop raving about this scarf I found at The Flower Shop / Worn & Refind (4412 SE Woodstock Blvd. Portland, OR 97206). It's the perfect look for summer and goes so well with most everything in my wardrobe. Even better, it was only $14!


I can't get over how sweet and thoughtful a special guy in my life is. He knows how to make me smile equally on the best and the worst days.

I'm sharing the cliché girl-got-random-and-unwarranted-flowers-from-a-boy photo, and I don't care what you think about it!

Thanks, Dan!

Enough from atop my soap box! Hopefully my thoughts and words of wisdom (no?) can get us over the Wednesday hump!

Thanks for coming back to see me!

<3 JE


Brooke said...

Can we have a date soon, where we go buy cute scarves and then fro-yo after? Both leading to less-stressful lives!

Jessi said...

You name the day! Maybe abs in the park too? (