Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hood to Coast

Hood to Coast begins tomorrow!

The "Mother of All Relays" as they call it is a 200 mile 12-runner relay that takes place every last weekend of August.

Two vans hold 6 runners each taking us from Mt. Hood to Seaside, Oregon in a matter of 36 hours (or less if you're on a fast team!)

If you have a moment, this is how much fun it is to Run a Relay Race < no, really - we think it's fun!

This will be my fifth year participating in the event with my first year as a driver, 2nd & 3rd years walking Portland to Coast, and officially graduated to Runner status for the 2011 race.

Last year I was privileged enough to run the hardest leg on the course - Leg 20 - carrying my body up a total of 850 feet over 5.75 miles on gravel and dusty back roads. Talk about a confidence booster!

This is also a shot from last year, we made a spirit tunnel because that's what you do when you're tired and sweaty!

This year I was lucky enough to be in Van 1, allowing most of my mileage to be downhill and maybe a little more scenic too with my routes projected to be in the daylight. The other 5 members of Van 1 are good friends of mine and I can't begin to tell you how much "fun" this will be!

Line-up for this year:

Leg 2

Leg 14

Leg 26

We start tomorrow at 8:00am from just below Timberline Lodge - wish me luck!

Also wish my mother luck! She will be walking Portland to Coast this year and I'm very excited to see her at the beach and share our race stories! :)

<3 JE

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Brookelyn said...

Good luck, good luck. we all wish you gooooood luck! *your daily Friends reference*