Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Putt Practice

I mentioned in my Luxembourg recap that my brother Matt and I played Mini Golf in the Valley, but didn't properly relay how much fun I thought it was!

While I wasn't very good at it, I felt like the obstacles level the playing field so that golfers and non-golfers alike can be competitive!

Last week after Intramural Softball Dan and I made a visit to Sunset Golf Center in Beaverton. They have an 18 hole mini golf course that's open everyday until 10pm in the summer and prides themselves in regards to course maintenance and enjoyable obstacles. We were able to make it around the course twice before the sun went down and one of us was declared the winner! I won't disclose what each of us scored (mostly because I did better than he expected me to do) but we had a fun evening!

Dan was also patient with me when I was lining up to take photos of our outing - what a great boyfriend!

Serious Thoughts

Blue Bricks

Air Max Shoes & Elite Socks #swoosh

Maybe we will go again someday, but I really think he's psyched to teach me how to play actual golf. We'll see if I take to it!

<3 JE


Brookelyn said...

ok seriously, let's go to the driving range! Like this week or next....

Jessi said...

Deal! Maybe Wednesday next week?

Tanna said...

I have never played real golf (unless you count the golf unit we had junior year in PE, lol), but I love putt putt! There's a mini golf course in Eagle Landing, kind of behind TCBY, that we go to once and a while. That sounds like a perfect double date activity to me! What do you think?

Jessi said...

Sounds awesome!!! :) let's find a time so you can meet Dan!