Wednesday, August 22, 2012

London Olympics 2012

The 2012 Summer Olympics may be over, but the memories of 14th row seats at Wembley Stadium and running wide-eyed with my brother around London will remain forever.

Leaving Barcelona I expected to be greeted with colder temperatures and crowds of confused and impatient Olypmic Tourists. To my surprise, the weather called for shorts and light tee's and the crowds were contained and in constant movement thanks to the hundreds of London Event Volunteers present on every street corner and transit line.

My first 8 hours in the city were brother-less, which allowed me the chance to navigate the city, take photos and embrace the touristy side of London in the form of parks, flowers and monuments. I knew that once we met up the scene would change to restaurants, bars and Olympics venue tours - which is just fine with me!

The reason for our visit was to attend the Gold Medal Football Match - Brazil vs Mexico on August 11th. I can't tell you the emotion that swept over me as we stepped into Wembley Stadium and navigated our way to our seats. Living in the European Union, my brother was able to get tickets over a year ago - 14th row from the pitch! Mexico came away with the 2-1 victory and we were happy to have picked them as our team to support, seeing that Mexico is a neighbouring country and we happen to like the food!

I'm not allowed to disclose where we had three meals on this leg of my trip as it comepletely goes against my clean eating plan. It made us happy and hopefully strays me from this un-named American restaurant for another 10 years.

Now the moment we've all been waiting for:

Change in the Park during Change of The Guard @ Buckingham Palace

Camera Play

Relaxing in the Park

The Mascot


Olympics Lane

Olympics Rings

The Fabled 14th Row


Sibling Shot

If you can't tell, we had a blast! London was good to us!

<3 JE


Tanna said...

This fountain picture. Amazing!! How fun that you and your brother got to experience something as cool as the Olympics together. I do have to say, each post makes me long for a vacation just a little bit more!

Jessi said...

You'll have Vegas in the Spring!! :)

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