Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend Plans

Labor Day weekend is here, friends!

The days are already starting to get shorter and the temperature for my morning runs has forced me to dig into my winter workout drawer and made me think strongly about getting some additional high-visibility wear. I proudly prefer the crisp air to the hot summer sun. In fact I am ecstatic over the first rain of the fall - I feel like a kid jumping through the puddles in the park.

Saturday after a long overdue hair appointment, a pedicure and the best massage in Portland (Not spoiled. Worthy.) the boyfriend and I are headed down to Lincoln City to spend the weekend with my parents and Bailey! I haven't been to Lincoln City since before I had my new camera and can't wait to capture some of the moments we will share. Mom and Dad (with Bailey helping) have completed some serious home improvements in the past two months since I last visited. It will be great to see their progress!

In anticipation of the weekend I played a bit with my newest accessory, a 50mm 1.8 aperture lens that I ordered after my return from Europe. As a fixed lens, I have to move myself closer and further from my subject. No zoom like my other lenses! This forces me to get perspective from a few angles to get the proper framing. I hope I have it down by next weekend for Tanna's Baby Shower! :)

Souvenir from Alex and Alicia's Wedding

Front Yard Hydrangea - Fading from Blue to lavender

Front Yard Blooms

Necessary - Did You Notice it's FroYo?

Did you know that Ben & Jerry's made a FroYo Pint? Available at your local Safeway!

Enjoy the weekend and be safe!

<3 JE


Tanna said...

I forgot to say I'm excited to see your hair! Did you go for something totally different? Or just time for a touch up?

Jessi said...

Hair is good! Nothing out of the ordinary but sideswept bangs and texture with color - didn't go ombre yet!