Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Almost Christmas Confessions!

Welcome back to Wednesday and Merry Christmas (eve)! 

It makes me so happy to be looking forward to an entire day off of work, knowing that it's likely one of my very last for a while. There's quite a big event on Monday that is going to likely take quite a lot of my time over the next few months. 

Since the last time I was here, the following things have happened:

- I planked in front of a crowd at my holiday work party - twice
- I photo-boothed at my holiday work party - twice
- I've sent 15+ triple-chin snapchat selfies to some lucky recipients
- I've scrambled and failed at Christmas shopping
- Succeeded with buying a selfie tripod. Worth a shot, right?
- Mom successfully delivered toys, food baskets, clothes and miracles to seven families in need.
- Seriously, it took a village ^

Now we're ready for  a few quick Christmas confessions as I watch Christmas Story over FaceTime with my handsome guy who has been working way too hard. I'd show you how hard but don't think I'm allowed to show that frazzled look on the internet. Thanks for the extra MCM love this week!

:: Here is our very sad Christmas tree. What's even sadder is that it's at my boyfriend's house across the country, is decorated with $5 worth of "ornaments" from the dollar tree and some lackluster short cord lights. The redeeming quality is a pretty sweet Bear-necessities ornament that we found at Hallmark and wouldn't leave until we were the proud owners. It seriously sings and everything - the perfect start to creating our Christmas magic. 

:: I am probably on Santa's naughty list this year, and mostly for being a jerk to my body. Workouts aren't a priority anymore, #paleo is a guideline and not a rule, more days are "off days" than I'd like to admit and my kettlebell strength is lacking. Ps did you know my mom can swing a 55lb kettlebell? My hero. 

:: I've had the same bathroom hand soap for as long as I've lived in this house. Literally the same bottle. This week as I was goofing around in the same aisle as the pumpkin spice ice cream (so basic) I found a brand new hand soap that I truly couldn't pass up. The smell was heavenly. Here are some other amazing beauty products at Trader Joe's.

:: I still don't have presents bought, wrapped or even decided. It's too late for Amazon Prime to save me now, isn't it? 

That's all - stay merry & bright! Enjoy the time with your loved ones!

Are you ready for Humpday Confessions to return in January with Melissa?


Miglė said...

Have yourself merry merry Christmas! x

P!nky said...

I think your tree is beautiful, lady! It's special and it's y'alls and it's wonderful!!!!

I've had more off days than I like, but we will get after it in the New Year!!

xoxo! Merry Christmas!!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I love that little tree! Merry Christmas, friend!! Have a wonderful holiday :)

Nadine Lynn said...

I love your Christmas tree!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Merry Christmas!! Your tree is super cute.

Kay R. said...

you guys have the cutest tree even if its states apart! love it! Hope you had a fab Christmas!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Hope you had a great Christmas. Any tree is better than no tree!!

Kasey Lynne said...

So, did you get all the gifts?? ahah

Woah woah woah, trader joe's has coconut body butter?? I can't stand tasting that stuff, but the smell?? HEAVENLY.

MacKensie said...

I love you. AND I MISS YOUR FACE. Come back to my life pleasekaythanks.