Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Recap

Goodbye Summer? It's still hot here in Portland!

I'm a few days late on this post but am happy to announce that it's because I have too many great photos to choose from and that I've been hard at it planning for Tanna's Baby Shower this weekend that I'm hosting at my house (so excited! <3)

The weekend started off right in Woodstock with a wonderful dinner with Dan on Friday night at a new restaurant. The reason we didn't leave for the coast on Friday was that I had a pampering day lined up Saturday morning and he shocker wanted to play a round of golf. Win, Win!

After my 1st of the month run I headed off to a cut and color to help my hair overcome the process of growing out my bangs. It will take a while but I intend to keep it minimally awkward with headbands, top knots and braids throughout the process. Following the hair therapy was my monthly 90 minute massage to fulfill my need for relaxation, girl chat and muscle repair. If you've never had a massage or just feel like you deserve one (you do!), schedule one today with Maggie - she's unbelievable!

Dan and I hit the road in the mid afternoon and arrived in Lincoln City just in time for a sunset beach walk, some "cheerleader beers" and a gourmet taco night! My amazing parents had everything planned out for us including toothpaste, floss, contact solution and new bottles of shampoo. We felt like we were staying in an upscale and personalized hotel. Monogrammed bathrobes next time, mom? Kidding! The weekend was full of porch conversations, delicious homemade food (hello +2 lbs), sister sillies and beach photography.

Thank you mom and dad for taking the leap and getting a beach home. I foresee many wonderful hours spent here in our family's future.

Despite a sneak wave attack mid-day Sunday that forced me into a tuck and roll with my camera, I was able to get some great images of Bailey and the great weather we experienced!

Playing in Traffic

Crashing Waves

 The Pacific Ocean

Dad and Bailey

Sister in Thought

Hat Steal Attempt #54

Digging to China!

Happy girl

View from our House

Funny Sister

Skimming the Waves

"I StiLl hAvE mY sTiCk yOu MeAn WaVe!"

Quite the Catch!

Queen of the mountain

Hakuna Matata


SI - Pet Issue

All Kinds of Dogs on the Beach

Interior Decorator, mom

Thanks again for the beach invite, mom and dad!

<3 JE


Tanna said...

I wish I was able to comment on each picture individually! Love the one you took in the car, that is too cool! Tell your mom the house looks amazing! Perfect beachy vibe. And is that a picture frame with clothes pins for photos I see on the dresser? Loved that idea on Pinterest and it looks great. I was cracking up at Bailey's Sports Illustrated pose!

I cannot wait for the baby shower! I know it's going to be great because that's how you do everything! I just found a dress to wear today. I can't wait! For the shower, and just to see you. It's been far too long!

Jessi said...

I'm super excited for the shower too! It's been fun to plan and I know you'll love it. I can't wait to see you :)

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