Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Closet Cleanup

This weekend I took on the great project of cleaning out my closet. This somehow slides by as only a twice a year activity, but with as many clothes as I have and as much as I happen to shop I feel inspired to do this more often.

My goal this weekend was to get to a point where I can see each individual piece and easily locate what I am looking for. I wanted to get everything onto a hanger that needs to be and easily disguise my wardrobe behind the closet doors. My ultimate goal is to try to truly define my style and let go of some of the clothes I haven't worn since college. Making space in my closet and chopping 20 minutes off of my 5am daily outfit decisions would make me significantly happier and ideally an overall better dresser.

To start the day and work up enough energy to overhaul my closet, I did what any sane person would do. I went on my 16 mile taper run. While a "taper run" sounds relaxed and not very intimidating, 16 miles is still a really long run. "Only" 12 miles this weekend then 26.2 on October 7th. I can't wait to finish! Thankfully I'm a thinker while I run, so I was able to do some prep work in my mind while I was watching southeast Portland wake up to a crisp fall morning.

What kind of planning could I do on a run? Take a look at the photos to get some perspective.

I started with this:

I got here around an hour in:

And here's how it looks now and forever:

That took all of 3 and a half hours!

I started by deciding how I wanted the layout so that I wasn't overwhelmed by the process of organizing.

I put skirts and dresses on one side together, lined up boots, displayed favorite scarves and belts, paired running shoes and weeded out still-wearable flats.

On the other side of the closet behind the closed doors I put clothes I wear often on the top row, and clothes I haven't worn recently on the bottom. This way, my favorites are always there when I need to grab-and-go, the bottom shelf will reveal some seasonal favorites through the fall and winter, and anything I don't wear or look at twice will be donated. Ta-da! I feel accomplished!

The icing on the cake was looking down at my Nike+ Fuelband at the end of the night and seeing that I'd broke my best day ever (Previously 9,013) and passed 10,000 in a single day!

I don't expect to beat that score until Marathon day!

<3 JE


Brookelyn said...

and anything worth passing on will end up in my closet :)

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