Friday, September 28, 2012

September Summary

First off, Happy Birthday to my dad! I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with him, mom and Bailey! I even put in a 12 mile run before work on a Friday to get it out of the way so that I could enjoy every minute of our time together.

Don't worry, Bailey will get to partake in the party too - vanilla on vanilla cupcakes!

Goodbye September, already? Deeply ingrained in me is the idea that September equals a fresh start on my life. In school I'd show up on the first day to class with brand new clothes, new school supplies and a refreshed new attitude. I would keep my binders organized, finish my homework days before the deadline and eagerly put my best foot forward.

While I no longer go to class or have homework (or does blogging count?) I still feel the need to press the refresh button in September and commit to improving myself in small, yet significant ways. Ways like putting away clean laundry where it belongs, making my bed each morning before leaving the house and cleaning as I go to leave less work for later. Simplify and stick to it.

For the last "blogging day" of the month, I'd like to start a series where I recap accomplishments, great memories, projects and highlights from the month gone by that you as my readers may have missed or want to re-live with me!


  • Re-organized my closet so that I can access and find my favorite pieces easily.

  • I hosted my first Baby Shower for Tanna and Greg and loved it!

  • Re-organized my Pinterest boards into more descriptive categories - it's a big deal!

  • Current running stats: 117 miles for the month

  • My best Nike+ Fuel day: 10,052 points

Great Memories:


I'm looking forward to October and all of the fun Halloween decorations. It's time to have a brainstorm sesh on a costume and maybe Dan's too.... Go!

<3 JE

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