Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homecoming Brother

Yesterday was a bundle of great news for my family!

First, my brother announced the dates that he plans to be home in November! He's been approved for 16 days of vacation, meaning that he will be home long enough to fit both family and friends into his schedule and not feel pressured to make decisions on who to spend his valuable time with. Of course, to optimize my time with him I've taken 4 days off from work - making my vacation from November 16th (Hint - My Birthday) through November 25th! Take 32 hours of personal time, get 10 consecutive days off? I'll take it!

The last time he was home he lifted Bailey atop Haystack rock!

This time when he's home we will have Fakesgiving to plan, new babies to visit, the beach house to see and some Fire on The Mountain to nom on - a few times!

Second, my dad had to do a presentation at work to upper management and knocked the socks off of his audience! He even got called out in a full staff meeting for an encore of his exceptional presentation for his peers. I was very proud of him and was even more elated to find out that his schedule will change as a result of his great work and he will now have Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off! I don't think that he and my mom could ask for a better winter schedule! It's almost like they're both retired : ) The look on mom's face when she heard the news was priceless.


And third, we had a family pow-wow to paint one of the bedrooms in the house I'm renting in preparation of new carpet that will be installed next week. Dad covered the walls, mom worked the details, and I kept a curious Bailey out of the room and therefore out of trouble. We also went to The Original Taco House in SE Portland which is one of my all-time favorite Mexican restaurants - We are a 3 identical Tostada Regulario family!

^Eager for a biscuit^

^Mystery down the hallway^


^Watching Happily^

^Paint on the ear - whoops!^

Lastly, Dan got me this little bear (our very own Bacon) for Christmas last year and it's been at his house until this week. Bacon and I drove home buckled up last night and I sent him this silly instagram-filtered photo:

<3 JE

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