Friday, September 14, 2012

Give and Give Relationship

Last night after work I went to my boyfriend's house to watch his Bears play the (mean and ugly) Packers for Thursday night football.

^Unfortunately for Super-Fan Dan the Bears lost^

I made it to his house before he did and was surprised by a Nike box on the counter in plain sight. While this isn't all that unusual for him or his roommate, I still checked the label on the box to see which of the boys was shopping again. As I snooped, I was elated to see that the box was addressed to me (!!)

Without hesitation or any shame I opened the box to find some beautiful new Nike Lunarglide+4 Premium's in my size - just in time for the Portland Marathon!

^So Excited!^

As I held the beautiful 8 ounce running shoes in my hands, inspecting the flywire threads, lunarlon cushioning and reflective properties I got to thinking about how much Dan likes to spoil me.

In the past week alone, I've been given the following for my work team offsite challenge today:

^Karma is on my side^

^Trail Blazers ball marker^

^My very own Method Putter^

In addition, he went to the grocery store and got one of my guilty favorites:

^Back to School Sale?^

I recognize that this is just the way that Dan expresses himself towards me, showering me with gifts.

His language of affection is Gift Giving mixed with a bit of Acts of Service. This means that he likes to give gifts as much as receive them, and appreciates when I fold the laundry every once in a while because we all know he's the domestic one in the relationship (I found a good one, mom!). It's what we do for each other that shows how much we care - but maybe I'd like to take control of the remote every once in a while. That would really show his commitment!

To return the favor in the way that would excite him the most, I went to Costco for samples house "essentials" (according to Dan) and this is what that looks like:

This is why I say Give and Give Relationship. He gives me shoes, I give him TP for days.

Always follow the Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself - and I sure as heck would like 30 rolls of TP!



Peg said...

I done raised that boy up good, dint I?

Brookelyn said...

free shoes from the gfs are the best :)