Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Believe in Your Goals

I feel so inspired after reading everyone's March goals yesterday. 

I saw some incredible things floating around blog-world that were more than the usual Monday weekend recap and round-up. 

I saw ladies focused on fitness. I saw ladies focused on reading. I saw ladies focused on organizing their homes, offices and lives. I read about women who wanted to save, to be more present, to live more, to drink more water, to drink ALL of the water until there's none left.  Most importantly these beautiful, honest and vulnerable words were centered around you ladies loving yourselves more

And what I loved most from what I read? These ladies believed it. 

You reading, you believed it too. 

You wrote it and you read it and you said "yes!" the same way I did. 

You shared in comments how you felt the same way as the blogger you were visiting and how you wanted to do these same goals, be partners in crime, encourage each other to reach, leap and bound beyond your wildest dreams. 

That's pretty dang cool. 

The amount of support we get from our internet world should be the same support we expect in our real life world. It's the same support we should ask for of our friends and families. It's the support and love we should give to others. It's the same kind of confidence, support, cheerleading and motivation we should be giving ourselves

Giving ourselves this love every day, not just the first Monday of March. 

Every day. Not just January 1st and not just when we feel like "spring cleaning". 

We have the opportunity every single day to make these goals and to check in with ourselves. To check in with each other. To love and share and constructively craft the lives and the habits that we crave. To be the people we've always wanted to be but have found ways to put up barriers that ultimately separate us from our current state and our craziest dreams. 

If this post felt like a brain dump, it was. It was a fly-by no-edit rough draft of honest feels about the wonderful I witnessed yesterday and the kind of wonderful that fills my heart. The kind of good I seek daily and the kind of good I expect of myself. 

Thanks for reading. Thanks for writing. Thanks for sharing. 


Kathy@RealTalk said...

reasons why i love the blogosphere are beyond words. to know that you have support from people all across the globe - and you've never even met like, 99% of them - is incredible.

reading everyone's goals each month, what they're loving lately or just whatever is currently on their mind is always interesting, awesome and fun to read.

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Loved this post girl. You know how much we all support and love you! I agree with Kathy the blogosphere (see we even make up our own words) is beyond words!

Margaret said...

Perfect PERFECT post!! I love the amazing support that this blog world provides!

Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles said...

Brain dump posts are my favorite posts :)

YES YES YES -->> It's the same kind of confidence, support, cheerleading and motivation we should be giving ourselves.

Imagine how much happier inside we would be if we gave ourselves the same kindness that we gave to others?

Julia said...

Love this post! I totally agree, the blogosphere is totally amazing for support and encouragement!

Kenzie Smith said...

I love this and I love how much we boost each other up! It is so important for us to love ourselves and to help other love themselves as well :)

Kristen said...

love this post girl. it is so true. i have never felt more loved or accepted than from blogging. it's awesome.
ps who is focusing on reading because i want to be their friend.

P!nky said...

What an amazing post, lady! I agree, the blogesphere is pretty dang incredible and I'm constantly inspired by everyone out there. Thank you for being so amazing!

MacKensie said...

In the words of Carly Rae Jepson, "I really really really really really really really really like you."

Anonymous said...

One reason I adore blogging so much is that these ladies I've met here inspire me so much and make me excited to do things just so I can share with them. There are some things I can just talk about with fellow bloggers more easily than with other people in my life. I have more virtual running buddies than I do actual ones — though that's partially my own fault because I way prefer running alone, hah. But yeah. It's a beautiful thing. Happy to have met you. And the rest of you too. <3

Katie Elizabeth said...

My most favorite thing about blogging and probably the number one thing that keeps me coming back everyday - the support! It's crazy how great of friends you can become through the internet :)

Kate said...

Amazing post ! Would you like to follow each other?

Myra said...

Love this! It's so good to see the blog community support one another. In a world where negativity seems to be at an all time high, it's nice to see how supportive and encouraging some people can be!

Amy @ Living n Learning said...


Kay R. said...

Loved everything about this post. So positive and I agree wholeheartedly. You rock!

Tracy said...

Love this post! There is really no support network that's quite like the one we have in blogging. Although we should be able to ask and expect that from our real life friends and family, for some reason it's just easier putting it out there in blog form because you know there will always be someone who is there to relate, or support you, or help you in anyway they can. It's an awesome thing. Love your positivity!