Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Single Girl Behaviors

I've always loved the idea of this post.

I wavered on whether I'd give it a better title like, "This is Why I'm Single" or "Forever Alone", but at the end of the day I thought I could confess some of my single girl behaviors with my main squeeze Melissa.

Do you guys want to play along with confessions? Link up every Wednesday and don't be shy!

What are Single Girl Behaviors?

Well, you don't exactly have to be single to have them. These are the things we do as women when we're alone that we don't really want anyone else to know about. They're things that we wouldn't dare do in the first few months of dating a dude and definitely not parts of us we'd "show off" until the second year of marriage...ha!

Maybe our families know about these weird quirks of ours but somehow they only come up in conversation when we're getting together with family members we only see once every two years. Then we fear that that's the only thing Aunt Mildred took away from seeing us is that ONE TIME we forgot to close the blinds before doing naked yoga in the living room and the terrifying image that she and those poor neighbors were left with.

Okay, so I don't have an Aunt Mildred and I much prefer naked twister, but that's neither here nor there. These are a few of my Single Girl Behaviors.

:: When I walk into the house after work, shoes off + pants off = love.
:: I enjoy using tiny utensils for everyday eats.
:: I drink straight out of the vanilla almond milk carton.
:: The dishwasher is only relevant when I've run out of skillets or tiny utensils.
:: Hallway twerk parties happen daily. You know the hallway, it's where I take all the selfies.
:: The only photos of me are selfies because I have no friends.
:: I play Clash of Clans. I think I've even tweeted about it. Read line above.
:: Laundry, unless my favorite workout clothes, can be "in the laundry" for weeks.

And now for some numbers because I'm a data nerd if you forgot. 

:: 92% - time spent in my bedroom while at home.
:: Average pairs of shoes scattered around the house: 5
:: Grocery store trips per week: 3 - 5
:: Times Mailbox is checked per week: 1 - 3
:: Peanut Butter Jar opened per week: 4 - 6
:: Alarms set per day: 8
:: Alarms snoozed per day: 8
:: Self-manicures per year: 5 (but Amanda gave this tutorial so expect more!)

What about you, do you have Single Girl Behaviors?

You don't have to be "single" to share, but you would be missing out if you're not confessing with Melissa - it's for your health, darling!

Making Melissa


Myra said...

TINY utensils!!! Yes!! I'm married and I still eat with all the little forks & spoons hahaha.

Kathy@RealTalk said...

i'm constantly on the lookout for stray eyebrow and stache hairs because gross. i can only pluck them in privacy; even after being with my husband for over 16yrs, he is not allowed to be anywhere near the bathroom or bedroom as i'm doing this.

DeborahYanni said...

As soon as I walk in the door it's bra off!! hahah I'm married and I still do this. It's gotta go. Oh! And I still spend about 90% off time in our bedroom. It's the best place in the house. lol

BLovedBoston said...

Oddly enough I have some of these behaviors and Gary doesn't mind one bit! Although when he's away on business I straight up have concerts like American Idol style at home LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

P!nky said...

I act so dudeish when Le Husband is gone. Ooor I have a girlie party, because he's not allowed to see me primp with the 'gross' stuff.

I allllllsssso have major dance parties when I'm alone!

Melissa Suggitt said...

i miss that hallway.

im with you on the alarm snoozes. EVERY. MORNING. im so bad...

kailyn marie said...

I just LOVE you! Now come visit so you don't have to be friendless.

MakeMeUpMia said...

Eating pb out of the jar with a spoon and drinking straight from the milk or juice jug, a couple of my fave things in life ;)

Kayla Whittington said...

Tiny utensils are the ONLY way to eat! :)

Anonymous said...

I am an absolute demon with my snooze button. Sorry, neighbors. I set my alarm times specifically with at least three snooze-smacks factored in. 'Tis life. Also, your weekly peanut butter jar visits are my daily. :(

Katie Elizabeth said...

Haha I love this! My husband is going out of town next week and is it bad that I'm looking forward to single girl behaviors and specifically, single girl dinners?

Julia said...

Hahaha, these are awesome! I watch all the shows Adam would roll his eyes at, like Beverly Hills 90210 or Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I play clash of clan too. Only do to my husband roped me in to playing it.

lil desiqua said...

Haha, I had to look up Clash of the Clans! You seriously use 8 alarms?! Sheesh! Minus the tiny utensils, I'm with you on these! Love the list- Great idea!

Kenzie Smith said...

We would make the best of friends! Just saying :)

Lora Ashley said...

Wait you mean it's not normal to take off your shoes and pants when you walk in the door? HA!

Kay R. said...

My pants comes off as soooooon as I enter the door. And you're right, I spend the majority of my time in my bedroom haha