Monday, March 16, 2015

That Time it Rained All Weekend

Remember this: All great weekends start with a Friday night workout. 

No, I don't have any crazy mountain-tops or blue sky photos to impress you with today. Portland saw nothing but rain this weekend and as a fair-weather hiker, this girl stayed inside. That doesn't mean I was a lazy panda though, it actually means that aside from the work-work I had to do I actually had a crazy productive weekend.  

Here's some of the wonderful I got myself into.


+ Heated Yoga at Yoga Pod Pearl (my most challenging yoga class yet)
+ Headstand Practice: 15 seconds in the air, personal best!
+ Twerk Practice: 1 Hour, still never enough time
+ Barre Class at The Bar Method
+ Restorative Yoga Class at Yoga Pod Pearl


+ Laundry, fresh sheets, dishes, cleaned fridge & freezer, grocery shopping.
+ Removed everything I don't wear ever. <-- this is refreshing!
+ Meal prep: Chicken, Ground Beef, Kale, Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower Rice, Sweet Potatoes

So Much Lazy

+ Four hours cozied up in my favorite coffee shop
+ 150 Pages of Eleanor and Park for Plucky's Book Club
+ Entire Netflix Season 1 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt thanks to Melissa
+ 2 Hour Sunday Nap

Things I Love

+ Google Hangout with Melissa!!
+ Scheduled a 75 Minute massage for next week
+ Scheduled my week of ClassPass workouts

Weekends like these make me happy. Doesn't this all sound wonderful?

To add on to the first sentence of this post, I also obviously believe a mid-weekend sweat and a Sunday night sweat are essential to keeping balance, but the Friday one is the most important of them all. 


Kathy@RealTalk said...

75mins massage full of bliss!! i had a 90mins last week and it was heaven!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love said...

It does! It does all sound wonderful! Something about spring in the air makes me feel like I'm getting my life together. haha Sounds like a lovely weekend! And that kale combo looks SO yummm.

P!nky said...

WOOHOO for a massage, that sounds amazing lady. Good job taking care of your body!!!

That salad looks super tasty!!!

We need a skype or google hangout session!

Alanna @ Alanna and Company said...

I can't believe you practice your twerk for an hour! Get it girl. I have a massage later this week and I cannot wait.

Julia said...

Wow, you did have a productive weekend! Way to go on cleaning out your clothes, I really need to do that! I'm super impressed with the headstand, I can't do that at all yet!

BLovedBoston said...

I'm so happy you binged on unbreakable - such a funny show! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

Anonymous said...

You. go. girl. Ideal weekend activities right there. Nice job on the headstand practice!

Helene in Between said...

I honestly cannot remember a Friday NIGHT i worked out. Seriously, cannot! you go!

Tracy said...

That's my kind of weekend! How great does it feel getting rid of stuff you don't need?! I've been out of town the last couple weekends and will be this coming weekend as well, but I can't wait for a weekend like you had! Traveling is fun but nothing beats the feeling of a weekend with the perfect balance between lazy and productive ;)

Kayla Whittington said...

Your kale and carrot picture makes me want kale so badly! YUM! I put it on the plan for next week!

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

How fantatic! Closet purge and scheduling a massage plus all the workout time! you are so good - go J! Glad you had a great weekend!

Kristen said...

your weekend sounds fabulous! think i'm gonna watch that show tonight. hope you are enjoy E&P!

Brittany said...

Sounds very similar to my weekend! Friday night workouts really are the best. Here's hoping the west coast gets a sunny weekend this week though. I was getting cabin fever towards the end :P

Maddie said...

Enjoy your massage girl!!

Nadine Lynn said...

Look at all your work outs! Love it! I have Eleanor and Park on my to read list and I heard so much about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt last week that I am super curious and need to dive in soon!

Your massage sounds just lovely. Super lovely. Happy Monday!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I so want to watch that unbreakable kimmy show. Glad you had a nice weekend. Only good thing happen this weekend was I ran the St. Patrick day 5k and beat my 5k time from the last time I run a 5k race.

Katie Elizabeth said...

I love a productive weekend - there's nothing better than feeling refreshed and ready to go on Monday morning! And I need to check out Unbreakable Kimmie, I'm hearing about it everywhere!

Myra said...

I've heard so much about this Unbreakable Kimmy show! Maybe that will be my treat tonight after working out & studying.

How did you like Eleanor & Park? It's one of my favorites!

Kay R. said...

I read all of it and got stuck on the scheduling of a 75 minute massage - umm hello heaven!! I want/need that!

Sara Beth said...

Both the workouts and the laziness are truly inspiring!! I know that sounds weird... but its hard to feel like I can fit both in and laziness always wins!

Kenzie Smith said...

We spent a few hours in Portland last Saturday and it made me so sad that it rained SO much. We still had fun though! I found a super cute coffee shop downtown and they made the top of my latte so pretty (too bad it didn't taste the best ha ha)! We need to meet up one of these days!