Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Training for Anything

For many reasons, my life in March has been great.

Planning adventures, reading a book, play time, sunshine time, rainy time, self-time, friend time, cook time and sweaty time. It was all wonderful, but today's focus is on the sweaty time because today is my first time showing up to Training for Tuesday,

Before I jump into Training for Tuesday I need to tell you first that this link-up is how I met the two awesome blog ladies who host it: Alyssa and Tracy.

Alyssa and Tracy are both a breath of fresh air when it comes to fitness blogging. They don't claim to know it all, they don't boast that they're the best, they make certain you know that they started from the bottom and now they're here. They both run, they both yoga, they both live a life outside of fitness. 

They both understand that balance, goals, commitment and fun are the special magic ingredients to making yourself the person you've always dreamed to become and how to believe in yourself along the way. They both care about their health and care about your health too. Health for everyone, which is why this link-up is so organically wonderful in its own right. 

Simply, they rock.


So what is it that I'm training for? I'm sometimes talking fitness, I'm sometimes showing sweaty selfies, I used to have a separate blog dedicated to fitness - but double blogging was way out of my league - and now I'm all excited over this concept of ClassPass. Oh and you probably know that I used to be a crazy-dedicated runner and ran 100 miles a month (no excuses) for 4 years!

Running didn't bore me, but it took too much time away from the things that were supposed to be important to me at the age of 26. Running was one of my great loves, like many of you talk about your love for books, that was my love for the open road. It gave me confidence, it cured me of an eating disorder (and some may argue just sent me on a different compulsive path) and it gave me something that defined me in my fitness world after retiring my softball career post-college. It got me over and above what I believed I was, which gave me tools to take my fitness to other places.

Once my world was no longer dedicated to running 100 miles a month, my attention and passion turned to weight lifting, booty sculpting, bicep growing and sweat flaunting. I rode that train for a long time until I received my trophies (my biceps) and decided that I wanted to have a little more to show for my fitness than just a flex - and what a flex, yeah?!

So, I jumped onto the fun of ClassPass and opened my horizons to new things.

New things meaning new to me. Yoga, pilates, ballet, barre, pound! (with drumsticks!), the Megaformer, cycling, Crossfit, TRX, stretching + myofascial release, intense foam rolling, paddleboarding and whatever other crazy there is out there. Like the aerial yoga class I'm dying to try!

I opened my eyes to the world of fitness as other people see it and I'm enjoying everything I'm seeing and learning about myself.

The most pride I have in the last month with fitness is that I held a headstand for 30 seconds thanks to some virtual coaching from dear host Alyssa. Once I get to a place where I don't need a wall for support anymore I'll be sure to show you guys on instagram. Follow along for that and some of the other fun I'm bound to have in my further fitness adventures in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

Since I know this link up is now a thing, expect some more goal setting and structure to my next Training for Tuesday. That will include my Paleo side too if you're interested since nutrition is just as important as exercise!

If you want to get sweaty, be inspired, find peace, share goals, discover passions, live a little better and love yourself a little harder, go find Alyssa and Tracy. They'll show you the way!


Tracy said...

Thank you for the kind words and for totally getting the why we started this link-up :) There's definitely not a one-size-fits-all answer to fitness. Like you've found, there's no single achievement or level of fitness that means you've conquered everything there is to conquer. There's always something new and I love that you are embracing that!
I totally understand what you said about running. It does take up a lot of time and I'd be lying if I said I had never questioned why I devote so much time to it. With this last marathon, I really tried to be more relaxed about my training and not let it take over my life and - amazingly! - it worked. I really do love running as a whole, but there are certainly times I wish I had more time to give to trying out new things. I think that's why I like triathlon so much. Even though I don't love swimming or cycling, it gives me something to do (and a real reason to do it) other than just run.
I can't wait to see what other fun fitness adventures you get into! Major props on the headstand btw :)

Kathy@RealTalk said...

i love how you're trying different things. that's what fitness is all about; doing what you love doing but also being open to other things....you never know just what you'll like!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love said...

Um, THOSE GUNS, amIright?? Thanks for the reminder about ClassPass. I'm going to see if we have something similar in my city. I think some new, exciting, change-it-up physical activity would do wonders to quiet the head trash swirling around my brain when it comes to fitness. You go, girl!

P!nky said...

You are amazing, lady! And wholey cut arms, yowza! I think it's so awesome you've been able to try so many classes and really stretch your fitness self. Keep up the great work, girl!

Erin LFF said...

You go girl!!! :) I'm all about switching it up and trying new ways to be active and fit. I get bored easily and lose motivation doing the same thing all the time. Also- Tracy and Alyssa are awesomeeee!

Helene in Between said...

you are so awesome. I mean, look at those guns!! It's really hard for me to stay motivated and love turning to your blog to get encouragement and see your strength- both fitness related and life related!

Nadine Lynn said...

Damn girl, you carrying a permit for those guns?! Hhah I had too. I'm so lame.

I love that you are trying so many different paths of fitness! That is just awesome! I can't wait to read some of your paleo posts, I need all the nutrition inspiration I can get!

Anonymous said...

Well. Go ahead and make me cry, why don't you. Thank you for getting it, for getting why we do this, and for saying such wonderfully nice things I'm sure I don't deserve. <3

And I never realized how much we had in common—why we both gravitate(d) toward running. (Kudos on those 100 mile months, lady. Beyond impressive.)

Hey, can you save the aerial yoga class for when I come visit? Because I am DYING to try it too! And I'm happy to have helped you hit that headstand, you did so good! And I'm honored you came to me trusting anything I had to say on the subject too :)

Oh and yes, the food! Food = fuel = goals achieved, right? Right. Thank you so much for linking up. <3

Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

I'm going to go follow their blogs right meow! I want to do a headstand :-( Love this inspiring post - and LOVE your gunshow!!

Tamieka T said...

I have heard great things about ClassPass-I really need to look into that-I can see how it can give you such great options.

I have been going back and forth about Paleo-I will look forward to reading more on your site.

BLovedBoston said...

Wowza - your arms are great!! I love that class pass has allowed you to enjoy so many more things than you thought you would! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

Kristen said...

love this post girl - so true, there is no one size fits all, and tracy & alyssa are definitely awesome for hosting this link up.
i'm so happy you are loving classpass - i wish it was a thing here, i'd love to try various classes!
i think doing what makes you happy is where it's at. end of story, you know? if you're happy and you know it, keep doing it.
congrats on the headstand! i still can't even get my legs up, sigh. working on it!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Congrats on your headstand.


Shelly said...

you have to try aerial silks! I went to one class and fell in love. i totally admire your ability to step back from something and realize it's no longer fitting your lifestyle. 26 is a fantastic time, definitely keep exercising but yeah definitely go have some more fun

Kay R. said...

Tracy and Alyssa are awesome!! I love those girlies. I am glad you found what you love in class pass. I'm still having a love affair with running and now yoga. Its doing what you love right?

The Rachael Way said...

You are totally my fitness role model! You have accomplished so much and I hope you don't forget how people look up to you :) x