Monday, October 1, 2012

October's Eight Great Goals

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Mine was spent at home with my family and while it couldn't have gone quicker, I feel more relaxed and revived than ever on a Monday.

To go along with the end of the month summary that I started last week I'd like to inspire the start of a new month with a new series called Eight Great Goals. Why eight? Because it rhymes with great. Obvi.

Goal setting has always been important to me whether it be setting deadlines, crossing off a To-Do list or meeting a running quota for the month. My goals are set with an end state in mind. They are attainable, they are often stepping out of my routine (into a better one) and ultimately are ways I'd like to make improvements in the long term by creating habits in the short term.

While setting goals may not be as familiar to many of you or only done in January as "New Year's Resolutions", it can often be challenging to either think of some or to follow them as you envision when you set them.

How to: Set Goals

How I begin the goal setting process is by brainstorming. Trust me when I say that I jotted close to 20 items down in my initial draft and had to choose the ones that are the most important to me, the ones I felt I can achieve and ones that are measurable.

Set goals that you are passionate about, that challenge you, that encourage you to stop and smell the roses and that make you a better you.

Make your goals specific. Instead of "work out more" make it "work out for 5 hours this week" or "earn 4,000 Nike+ Fuel each day".

How to: Stay Accountable to Goals

Write your goals down where you will see them everyday. Seeing and reading your goals each day will keep them in the forefront of your mind and keep you in check.

Make an action plan for how you plan to achieve your goals. Progress isn't made overnight, but it does start with small steps and serious commitment to get where you want to be.

Share your goals with others and make them public. You'll want cheerleaders and people to recognize your hard work.

How to: Measure Progress Toward Goals

Track your progress using your action plan - you won't be able to cross off a goal everyday, but you can review your mini-goals that push you forward.

Place reminders into your schedule using calendars, alarms and timers. This way you have a scheduled allotment of time to do your daily work (cleaning, exercise, etc) that you can stick to.

How to: Post Goal Evaluation

At the end of your time window (a week, a month, a few months) take a look at your goals and one-by-one check them off if you were able to meet or exceed them.

Ask yourself why you set that goal, how you feel after accomplishing it or not accomplishing it, what helped you or what stood in your way? Evaluating your goals is nearly as important as setting them.

Draft more goals using what you learned about yourself to help you create a successful experience.

My Eight Great Goals:

1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Drink 100 ounces of water daily, no excuses.
2. Build a weekly meal plan and follow it. has great Meal Plans to keep on target and even builds a shopping list!
3. Plan and lay out outfits for the week on Sundays using this new rack to display them.
4. Follow a daily Cleaning Schedule.
5. Host a family garage sale!
6. Organize my jewelry collection and display it.
7. Consciously unwind for 30 minutes each day - candles, light reading, tea and bubble baths.
8. Eliminate electronics from bedtime (except alarm setting and kindle reading, Dan!)

Follow along! What are your eight great goals this month?

<3 JE

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