Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Giving Feels Great

One of my Eight Great Goals for the month is to volunteer or help a family in need via food, money or clothing donation.

A week ago, my good friend sent an email to several of his close friends with an opportunity that fit my goal and I sprung at the opportunity to help. The original idea was to feed the chosen family of five for Thanksgiving, but I knew that I didn't want to stick with the theme since I couldn't imagine that the family would enjoy eating boxed mashed potatoes and canned cranberries through February.

I asked my mom if she wanted to be my partner in crime as she's a seasoned veteran when it comes to adopting families over the holidays and she had plenty of ideas that would benefit the family long after the Thanksgiving holiday next week. We shopped on Saturday and came away with more groceries than I buy for myself in an entire month, which made me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside.

It's beyond amazing how so little can go such a long way for a family in need. If you have the means and the motive, I urge you to find a way you can help a family in need this holiday season and pass the cheer forward.

<3 JE


Heather said...

Hi Jessi! Heartened to see the way you showed up for this family and made a meaningful meal for them. If you are still interested in donating clothing, I volunteer at the Pick Up Please charity, which has a free service to pick up clothing donations that support Vets. With over 200,000 homeless Vets, every little article of clothing counts.

Jessi said...

Thank you, Heather! It's on my list to do some cleaning through my closet and what a perfect opportunity to schedule a pick-up before the holidays!

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