Thursday, November 1, 2012

November's Eight Great Goals

November is going to be an amazing month with so much to look forward to!

Brother comes home + 10 consecutive days off from work + 3 paydays + thanksgiving + Fakesgiving + 25th birthday + Mom's birthday + brunch dates + Election day + 90 minute massage + holiday shopping + mom's first Karaoke! + Beach time + Vine Gogh + serious sweat sessions + Dan time off + "fall back" + iPhone 5 + this cute iPhone 5 case  = SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!

November's Eight Great Goals

1. #GOvember - sweat EVERY DAY. Follow along with Brooke and I using hashtag #GOvember

2. Attend 5 Nike Training Club classes (on top of running 100 miles)

3. Beat brother at 3 games of Pool out of 100

4. Volunteer / help a family in need - food, clothing, money donation

5. Film Witness mom karaoke while Matt is home (which is also on her never-to-do list)

6. Eat Paleo for 1 week - infographic here

7. Pack up personal belongings at work (aftermath of this)

8. Complete one pull up (Dan and I) thanks to last week's controversy... Brooke says it best

So excited for the upcoming 30 days!

<3 JE


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