Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Livestrong Day

Today is 4 years since someone very special to me was diagnosed with cancer. It happened soon after he moved across the country and was an expensive flight away from his family. He had just made new friends in a new city and the news of his illness was very difficult to cope with. It was not debilitating though, so he opted to aggressively treat his Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

It was a scary and dark time for him, but he was resilient and endured the round of Chemo sessions over the course of 3 months, then later the 15 radiation sessions over the course of three weeks. I didn't know him at the time of his diagnosis nor during his treatment, but I wish I could have been there to support him through such a difficult time in his life.

Since learning this about him and understanding what type of person can stand tall and stare down the face of cancer, I realize that he has the strength to get through anything that life throws his way. No stranger to adversity, he takes life one day at a time and loves passionately as he understands how precious this life we have really is.

His outlook on life is inspiring. I recently asked him if cancer has changed his outlook on life, and rather than answering the question he replied with "my outlook on life changed when I met you, Jessi". *aww, heart melts*

I am beyond lucky that he conquered his illness so that I was able to meet him, fall in love with him and spend my time with this wonderful human being.


Brookelyn said...

Dan the Man! Dan the Man! Dan the Man!!!!!

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