Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stormy Vacation

For weeks my family had planned a beach retreat while my brother is home and it just so happened to be during the biggest storm the Oregon coast has seen so far this year.

On Sunday after spending some quality time with friends over food and drinks at the annual Fakesgiving get-together, we headed south to our beach house in Lincoln City. We knew there was a storm brewing, but had never experienced 100 MPH gusts of wind first hand. When we arrived at the house, the trees were swaying and the rain was falling. As the night went on, we feared the stability of our backyard trees and the roof over our heads.

We made it through the howling winds of the first night to wake up the next morning to no power. My dad delivered latte's to mom and I while we witnessed recycling bins scooting down the road, signs leaning closer toward the ground and maintenance trucks driving past surveying the damage.

We wanted a change of scenery so we hit the road and went to see where we could find the best views of the storm doing work. Bailey was intrigued and the rest of us had never seen waves like these. Instead of breaking like they normally would, the wind would take the surf and blend it into the rest of the ocean.

We still didn't have any power when we returned back home from our adventure, so we devised a plan to eat save the ice cream, refrigerate perishables and heat the home with a crackling fire. After a few naps were taken, we played a few friendly rounds of power-outage jenga and decided to hit the town for dinner and some Monday night karaoke fun.

Our power came back late Monday night and was party-worthy. We all slept well Monday night knowing that the worst of the storm had passed and that we would be able to charge our gadgets overnight not worry about the trees in the backyard causing any damage.

Bailey is starting to feel better from her Saturday illness, but still prescribed for a special diet and the take-it-easy plan. She sure knows how to relax!

<3 JE


Brooke Lyn said...

Did you get Mama Even to sing?!!

Jessi said...

Not yet! It was an acclimation trip. Next time!

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