Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Update

We've had quite the eventful weekend around here!

My birthday on Friday was one of my best yet. It was so nice to have my brother home for the first time in 3 years and my family made it a very special day as always. I enjoyed a relaxing day off from work and received way too many gifts from my family. And a ridiculous amount of Facebook love. Thank you, everyone!

Dinner at Montage with the family and Dan was perfect and was full of strong drinks, great laughs and delicious food. It called for a 'before' and 'during' photo comparison.

^ They made me a crown ^

^ Dan ordered the girliest drink on the menu - which was really good ^

^ Ja 'Civa's Cake ^

Another member of our family did not have such a great night - Bailey was stung or bitten by something that made her face swell up, itch all over and develop a turkey neck from all of the fluids. At least she's seasonally-minded. Gobble Gobble!

When I heard the news that she wasn't feeling well, Dan and I cancelled our Saturday plans and headed straight to see her and spend some time with the sick girl.

^ Photo credit: Matt ^

^ Photo credit: Dan ^

Being home Saturday meant supervising two turkeys cook in the oven, witnessing Oregon's unfortunate loss, eating wonderful meals, making a cheese ball for the 6th annual Fakesgiving Dinner, wrapping mom's birthday presents and getting Dan set up with a few photos on instagram.

As you know from yesterday's post, we headed to chase a beach storm. More on that fun tomorrow!

<3 JE

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