Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Congratulations to Barack Obama for another 4 years in office with an impressive victory of 303 to 206 Electoral votes over Mr. Mittens. Mr. Obama, our president, also won the popular vote according to CNN this morning by 59,927,126 votes to Mitt's 57,299,964 votes.  Election night was much more suspenseful than I had anticipated - way to go, Florida - and my Facebook feed was mixed with proud voters and those who were just ready for the election noise to be done with.

As an Oregonian I had the opportunity to mail in my ballot and not be forced to wait in long lines that may deter others from casting their votes. My choices were made weeks ago in the comfort of a restaurant booth over happy hour with my mom. Only downside? No 'I Voted' sticker.

I am happy that the elections are over and that we don't have to sit in fear any longer over what an alternate outcome may have looked like. As a woman I'm proud that we will continue to have a leader that stands for social progress. As a citizen I am elated that Maine, Maryland and Washington voted to recognize same-sex marriage, and that Minnesota voted to reject an amendment to their state constitution which would have banned same-sex marriage. You're up next, Oregon!

Let's throw a party!

As a grand hurrah - here's some funny videos and links that will still be funny after the elections similar to 2008's Tina Fey as Sarah Palin antics.

Lip Reading - 2012 Debates


Obama vs. Romney - Classic Arcade Style


28 Things That Are Worse Than Talking About Politics On Facebook

^^ #19 and #23 are my personal favorites

<3 JE


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