Friday, November 30, 2012

November Summary

Sad to say it but my birthday month is over. I've had so many great memories from this month that it will be difficult to re-capture all of them into today's "Happy Friday" post.

Yes, Happy Friday!! Let the holiday cheer begin!

The true highlight of my month was that my brother came home for two weeks from his European home and spent much more time with us than we could have ever hoped for. He did his best to disconnect from work - at least visibly - and we were able to have true quality time together. Unfortunately we never got around to playing pool - mainly because I think he wanted to make sure that I couldn't admit to beating him 3 times out of 100 as shared in my goals for November.


  • Sweat almost everyday in efforts to Go Go GOvember! Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.

  • Encouraged Dan to get back into running and he's taken me for a few rewarding 5-7 mile runs.

  • Made it through the midnight Halo 4 launch with Dan.

  • Made a difference in a family's life for Thanksgiving.


  • Painted a masterpiece copycat at Vine Gogh with mom, cousin and aunt!

  • Starting to brainstorm Christmas card ideas... more to come.

  • Chalkboard spray paint DIYs - not pictured.

Great Memories:

December could be a dark and story month for me but I am going to face it with a grin on my face and nothing but optimism in my heart. Get busy living.

<3 JE 

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