Friday, February 21, 2014

My Week in Gifs + Olympics Links

Hi friends, it's Friday and I'm feeling short and sweet in your future.

I adore Alissa's "My Week in Gifs" posts on Fridays and today I want to play along. We've got 5 Gifs and then some brilliant Buzzfeed articles about the olympics - at least click the one about the mooses meese?.


It was pouring in PDX and this is what it felt like trying to stay out of the puddles - even in rain boots.


Posted this and felt really good about it. #ShamelessSelfie


Made attempts to try trusting again just a little. Come to find this was a horrible decision.


Went here for dinner and drinks, was totally a fan.


Is the week over yet? I can't wait to hermit in my pajamas tonight.

Then woo-hoo! Olympics articles, enjoy the weekend! 

:: What you're really thinking about when you're watching figure skating
:: Winter Olympics + the moose, right?
:: Really. Depressed. People.
:: Tara and Johnny are fabulous
:: Where are these outfits like I remember them?
:: No! More failure and four years wasted!


Ashley - Married to the Game said...

Haha this is great! Speaking of looked great in that selfie! Keep it up!

Melissa Suggitt said...

i will also be hermit-ing it up tonight!

brooke lyn said...

the hermit life is calling my name.

his little lady said...

I love that you used Tangled for a GIF. Just perfect :)
xo TJ

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Clearly I am a hermit....and you just made my entire week because now I'm following taralipinski on instagram and there goes another hour of my life....amazing!

Kayla Moothart said...

The monkey is hilarious - sometimes/most times I don't feel like a real 'Oregonian' because I like to use an umbrella and can't stand it when my jeans get wet. Oh well.

Katie Elizabeth said...

Tara and Johnny have been my favorite part of these Olympics! He's so fabulous, I just want to raid his jewelry collection!

Anna said...

I must say Tara and Johnny are pretty fab.

And 90's skating costumes? Can't top em! haha!