Friday, February 7, 2014

Something Good

Literally everyone in Portland lost their shit yesterday over the fact that it started snowing, even though they've been saying it for a week. When you can't walk outside without your teeth chattering you know it's cold. And when we've had an uncharacteristically dry winter you have to expect some stormy goodness brewing up. 

I kept all my snap friends well informed of the flurries that were accumulating and the fact that I got out of work before everyone because I live across town. I'm pretty certain that I won the day because it took me 50 minutes to get home going 15 miles across town, and other people who got on the road not more than 20 minutes after me were stuck in gridlocked traffic, cold and hungry. They were also probably pissed because their phone batteries were dying from all the baby's-first, puppy's-first, boyfriend's-first snow day videos they saw while scrolling their facebook feeds in traffic.

I didn't go out in the winter wonderland in my Hunter boots or my warm gloves though, because even the walk from my car to the coffee shop wasn't worth it for the reward. Instead I finished up my work day and mostly procrastinated by making new spotify playlists, drinking ALL the water and indulging in this amazingness.

Those things you see are peppermint pretzel thins and they are to die for. I snagged up four bags back in mid-December when you had to have the friendly Trader Joe's lady call around to other Portland stores to see who had them in stock and "if they thought they'd still be there in an hour". So, these precious four bags were now down to two, and what better occasion to indulge than a snow day with some tea! Thanks for the mug, Brooke!

I'm preeeetty sure that today's another work from home day and I'm massively thrilled about that. Staying in pajamas and listening to music at full blast is a thing that I can't get enough of. I also can't get enough of soup and want to try this paleo recipe that I pinned a year ago (literally).

My biggest wish for the weekend is that the snow lets up in the evening and I can catch the bus up to Seattle to visit my girl Amanda for a zero-f*cks-given weekend of wine and girl talks.

Happy weekend! See you Monday!

"Something good tonight made me forget about you for now"


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

a zero fucks given weekend? sounds like my kinda jam :)

because it's been so damn cold outside, all i've been doing is drinking hot liquids. this is the longest winter ever.

have a great weekend!

Vodka and Soda

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

Let me know how that soup turns out! Sounds awesome! Enjoy your day from home- I am super jealous as it has been snowing on and off for two weeks and I just want to curl up in bed some more. I hope you can make it to Seattle- enjoy the weekend!!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I literally buy anything that is peppermint coated....those look amazing! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxoxo

Meet @ the Barre

Katie Elizabeth said...

Those pretzels look amazing! We always get the dark chocolate covered pretzels at Costco and I seriously have to ration them or I'll eat the whole bag in one sitting!

brooke lyn said...

fingers crossed you get to seattle. if not come play with me.

Kayla Moothart said...

Have so much fun in Seattle!!!

Areeba said...

I'm hating the crazy cold, pissing me off! And these pretzels look yummoz!

Carrie said...

Those peppermint thins look delicious!! I'm getting hungry looking at all these food flicks, lol.

It's been a winter wonderland here too.. makes me depressed. I don't wanna go outside, I hate going outside to even walk to the car for work. Ugh. :( I can't take another winter here!

zara may said...

I love your blog

Anna said...

seriously though everyone did lose their shit. i was on the max for like 2 hours which was not fun because people were starting to snap at each other and get feisty.

but i like the snow- it's pretty rare around these parts anymore!

Lauren said...

How did I miss the peppermint pretzel thins? I love the dark chocolate ones!

And I carry my charger and car adapter with me at all times. I cannot live with a dead phone battery!