Friday, February 28, 2014

See Ya Never, February!

The last day of February is usually pretty exciting because there's always been something about the idea of March that gets me in a good mood. March usually means starting to see the sunshine, 10 times during the month if we're lucky. March means Madness (NCAA basketball if you were confused)! March is easier to say than February which I shorten to Feb any chance possible. 

March has a lot of bright to look forward to, especially kicking it off with a closet purging and organizing Saturday with mom. A little spring cleaning, if you will! Brooke I'll have a closet for you to shop through before the Goodwill dump. 

Mom already came by this week to make good on her housecleaning gift from Christmas, so it'll be good to get straight to the projects to make up for my less than productive last weekend.  

To finish off the week right, let's see what I've been up to the last 5 days - in GIFs! 


I'm back on a hair-curling kick (this happens every spring / summer) and was told I was rocking a Kate Middleton look (IT WAS 3RD DAY HAIR, GUYS!). Here's your proof.


Joined Influenster! ....Now what? Ladies, help!


Legitimately serious that I'm not quite ready to enter the dating pool. I'm just going to spin around here on this deck, dude detox to the max like this wise and happy orca! 


Don't make fun, but I got 16 comments on Thursday's post about the tail wagging the dog (puppy gifs included). I say no jokes because that's my top # since moving over to blogger. I'm not much of a blog-stat junkie but this makes me feel good about my life choices. High five for you guys!


Saying goodbye is never easy, at least this bear is adorable and makes my heart warm.

SEE YA NEVER, FEBRUARY! oh yeah, till next year.

Going to send you off with my recent late-to-the-party pump up anthem:


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i am SO LOOKING FORWARD to march and it BETTER come with warm weather because this i was the longest winter in the history of ever! this was really long week! i kept on thinking it was a day ahead and finally, it's friday so i'm going to relax :)

-kathy | Vodka and Soda

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

I can't wait for March...February was an OK month, but it felt really long (Ironic since it is the shortest month!). I wish I could have Kate Middleton's hair. Yours looks great!!!!

Alex[andra] said...

I love that this post was done with gifs. Just checked out that picture and you TOTALLY pulled off a Kate Middleton look! You need to teach me how to do my hair like that!

Anonymous said...

Love the waving bear gif. Makes me smile and melts my heart. Good luck in March!

Tracey said...

Looking forward to March's hoping the weather warms up!

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

Of course I agree and love March! ;) Why do your gifs make my day? haha love this post! Happy weekend!! xoxo

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Dude... how does your hair look so good after 3 days of not washing it? I usually go 3 days too but mine looks like a grease pit... no way could I wear it DOWN at that point!!!
Also, is it wrong that I'm happy that trainer got knocked over? haha

Anna @ A Dash of Quirky said...

My hair looks nasty if I don't wash it after one day.... I'm jealous! Yours still looks like 1st day hair haha!! Happy (almost) March!

brooke lyn said...

i wanna shop! i will bring the wine.

Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles said...

ummmmmm - that whale knocking that B over? Yes I just laughed out loud lololololol

Melissa Suggitt said...

i want to shop! Y U NO LIVE CLOSER!?

also Kate Middleton is my obsession. I want to be her. Her hair. Her face. Her body. Her title.

Melissa Suggitt said...

i want to shop! Y U NO LIVE CLOSER!?

also Kate Middleton is my obsession. I want to be her. Her hair. Her face. Her body. Her title.

MacKensie said...

ummm hiii 16 comments is LEGIT. I'm pumped when I get 3, lolzzz. but really. Dude detox FTW!

his little lady said...

Too perfect! If only I had Kate Middleton's hair.
xo TJ

Rachel @ Love, Rachel said...


Katie Elizabeth said...

I'm SO happy to say goodbye to February! And your hair looks amaze! I love Kate Middleton. Hope you're having a great weekend!

Kasey Lynne said...

That bear though??? Hilarious!

I want her hair. Look how full and pretty it is...uhhh.