Thursday, February 13, 2014

Music to my Heart

Happy Thursday, friends and loves. 

So I know tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I'm single, but that doesn't mean I can't join in on some of the fun. I've only had a few valentine's with a "somebody" and can say that the ones I've spent single have been a million times better. Yes, dates and cards and flowers are wonderful and thoughtful - but what's even better is the alleviation of the gifting pressure. 

I am a romantic at heart and believe that the way you treat your sweetheart should be the same all days of the year, not just this one. But I also believe that the day shouldn't go forgotten for your family, friends and lovers. 

Edit: Is it still a thing where you have to give every single person a valentine in elementary school? I remember how awkward it was to make sure that the most platonic, high-five and not kisses cards went to the grossest boys in class. And you'd tape on the bad candy. And you'd maybe purposefully mess up the spelling of their name. Nobody else? Anyone? 

Back to the topic that I haven't gotten to yet.

 photo musictomyheart.png
Ever since my first suitor in 5th grade gave me the Titanic Soundtrack as an "I like you a lot" gift, I have found a lot of meaning in speaking this language of love to others through songs. Curating playlists, whether they are motivational, sentimental, passive-aggressive - I always feel like my emotions are better said in a collection of songs. 

The five I'm going to share with you are love to the core, love forever, be mine always songs. You've been warned! 

Baby I Want You : Amos Lee

Wanted : Hunter Hayes

All of Me : John Legend

You're the One That I Want : Angus & Julia Stone

At Last : Etta James

Now go out there and share the love <3


Melissa Suggitt said...

ermahgerd Etta James At last gives me the feels every time. one of my all time favorite songs and it gives me hope for true love.

Ashley said...

OMG I actually just heard All of Me by John Legend for the first time a few minutes ago on my way home from the gym and was going to post it tomorrow! Such a good song!

Ashley said...

I'm here to report that YES, we still make the kids bring in Valentines for everyone in the class, as awkward as it may be. I remember cringing when I had to give boys lovey-dovey girlie cards in elementary school... And the cringing continues today. :)

brooke lyn said...

i always got the tomboy valentine's day cards...

Whitney Alison said...

All of Me. Playing this at future second wedding. Love it. Also yes, it is still a thing that you give one to EVERYONE in the class. Ick. Boomer and I cringed together last night filling them out :)

MacKensie said...

you're adorbz.

Rachel Sedaker said...

I actually kept all of my childhood valentines, and my name was grossly misspelled on several occasion (Realch- really?!), and now I'm wondering if there was a purpose behind the misspelling. I always chalked it up to dyslexia.

And I agree- V-day can be fun as a single- I've never spent a V-day with a bf. One time, my sis and I both got hit on at karaoke on V-day; we took the free drinks but declined talking to him. He was making his way around the room, trying to pick up ladies. At the end, he loudly declared, alone at his table, that he needed to call up a prostitute. So yeah, at least we don't have it as bad as that guy.

his little lady said...

At Last by Etta James is a classic! And I love Amos Lee :)
xo TJ

Kayla Moothart said...

My kids did the valentines for everyone today - it is super cute and hilarious! Even being in a couple I think Vday is a little obnoxious…. I agree - all year is a much better way to show someone you love them!