Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Fave's

Hello Friday friends! 

I heard a rumor that most of you have the day off from work today so if that means sleeping in - I'm jealous. If that means you're up early and reading my blog - I'm thankful! If it means you're skipping blogging all together for the weekend - go on with your bad self(ie). 

I normally would be sharing My Week In Gifs for your Friday entertainment - but my lady friend across the country is hosting a Friday link-up that I wanted to support for four main reasons:

1. She's a loyal reader
2. She's a bargain queen
3. She's gorgeous and funny
4. I'm just starting this post at 9:40pm on Thursday night - cheers for link-ups!

Plus she made this link-up button on her own, isn't it pretty?

First before we talk about favorites - I have to mention that I'm finally getting a haircut this weekend and can't wait to flood your instagram feeds with selfies!!! Okay, maybe I'll just do one but know that my snapchat peeps are going to get at least 10.

I'm going to do my own take on this link-up, hope you don't mind!

Favorite Instagram Interaction of the week:

I allowed my followers to pick which outfit to wear to work Friday. It was a question for me because I love dressing springy on Good Friday, but I also have a work presentation where I want to be taken seriously. Let the people vote! 

Helene, bless her soul, was the only one out of 25+ who picked 'left' and I love her for it.

Favorite Video I watched this week:

#WorldsToughestJob (Love you, Mom)

Also in a close second is this: (Helene again)

Favorite Blog Reads this week:

Both are body image / loving yourself / loving others related. Please enjoy and follow these ladies.

Friends Don't Let Friends Fat Talk - I'm Your Katie Qué
April 'Strong' Showers - Kait Makes a Run for It

Favorite Thought Catalogs/Buzzfeeds this week:

21 Reasons I'll "Nope" You on Tinder
22 Times Stephen Colbert was the Perfect Man

Favorite workout this week:

Thursday night I combined a T25 cardio workout with Brooke's Dirty 30 and was a sweat storm.

Absolutely doing it all again.

That's all I've got today! Look out for my new hair selfies and have an amazing weekend!

Don't forget to link up with Amanda!

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Amy Fashion Blog said...

I would go with the on left too. Have a great weekend

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i'm off today but my body is a jerk and refuses to let me sleep in so i woke up at my usual time (5am) and worked out. let me tell you that working out at this godforsaken hour ON A HOLIDAY feels 10 levels of wrong. just sayin'.

i'm linking up with amanda next week yay!! i'm also sad that my blogging break is over :( it was nice not having to think about my blog for a week. happy weekend!

Vodka and Soda

P!nky said...

Sweat storm workouts are the best! Love it!

Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

I love the look on the left! The look on the right is great too but the left is more Spring time appropriate! I'm off today but don't worry, I didn't sleep in :) Those videos are great haha! Have a great weekend!

<3, Pamela

Helene in Between said...

I MADE THE LIST?! twice.
my day is made.

Krystal R. said...

I was up early too boo and I was planning to sleep late! Anyway I like both outfits!!! And Helene's video made my day when I saw it earlier this week!

Happy Easter and have a great long weekend!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Awwwww you made me so happy this morning with that ridiculously sweet introduction!!! I think selfies of new haircut are totally warranted and allowed (my selfie shoutout today hahaha).

I mean I can't tell you how many times I've watched that video of Helene breaking it down....she left that DJ was amazing!

I like the pop of red! Especially if it's for a presentation. You don't need to be blending in with anything! You own that presentation! Btw your guns in that tank are rocking!

xoxoxo I love your spin on it and I appreciate you linking up!

Chloe said...

I feel better knowing that somebody else in blog world has to work today. I was pretty sure it was just me who was working.

Which outfit did you choose?

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

How are you gonna cut your hairs?

BLovedBoston said...

I loved the video for world's toughest job - and then the person saying...isn't that illegal the no payment, no holidays off no time off lol! Colbert is my favorite - he makes me smile!! Happy Friday love!

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

I'm working today but my fingers are crossed that it's another slow day so I can leave early since yesterday luck wasn't on my side. Cross your fingers for me!

I'm looking forward to seeing the new hair both on Instagram and snapchat!

Jordan said...

DEFINITELY the left outfit! Love that video of Helene breaking it down. That is awesome.

Nadine Lynn said...

Helene dancing is awesome!

Cute outfit!

Yay for T25! Though, now that I have started Bodybeast....I can't say I miss cardio. At all.

Happy Friday!!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

The "toughest job" video had me balling my eyes out! And honestly, how do you look so cute after working out? Grrr!!! Jealous over here.

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

You didn't even tell us what outfit you picked?! Surprise me with a snap!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Well, which outfit did you end up wearing to work?

Kristen said...

i must have missed that outfit picking - left for sure! gorgeous :)

MakeMeUpMia said...

Amanda cracks me up! I'm off but didn't sleep in, I hit the gym & grocery shopping, now blog reading :) Happy weekend!

Em said...

ZOMG that Colbert gif! So much win! I love both of those looks and outfits by the way! They're so cute! Although the one on the left is a little more peppy and springy! Bright colors all the way! Happy Friday girl!

Sarah said...

Left all black!! gorgeous!!!

I love that video, i cried..true story!!

have a fab weekend lady!

The Rachael Way said...

Now I wanna be snappy friends with you!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I loooved that "worlds toughest job" video! So true. And yay for new haircuts! I'll have to stalk your IG so I can see what you do with it :)

Kenzie Smith said...

Both outfits are cute! But never ask my opinion on anything, I can't decide anything to save my life.
Damn look at Helene bust a move!!

Tracey said...

I had fun weighing in on your outfit choice on Instagram this week!

Kasey Lynne said...

Sooo which outfit did you pick???

LOVE the hair. I'm sure you do too ;)