Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stay Golden, iPhone 5s

So I've been feeling pretty handicapped the past few weeks as my iPhone suffered a major functional injury. 

I don't know when, why or how it happened - but all of a sudden the button on the left side stopped working. What's this mean? That I could no longer silence my phone thanks for asking.

The timing of the event seemed to be around when I went on my ski trip, but we can never be too sure about these things. This is my clever way of removing myself from any and all fault and leaving it at the fact that the button stopped working, cut and wet dry. 

Sure it would have been convenient to find out about this button issue in the comfort of my own home (the same way it's convenient for shark week to begin at home, right ladies?) but no - the moment of realization happened one morning at work when I was taking a selfie (see: Snapchat Confessions) and co-workers around me heard the camera shutter click.

Immediately red-faced, I plugged my headphones into the jack and was paranoid about the sound for the rest of the day. 

Not willing to walk around with headphones in my phone all day every day, I did what and normal person would do and recycled a pair of broken headphones I hadn't thrown away yet (read: hoarder) and plugged the hole, thus tricking my phone into thinking I had headphones in. Win/Win right?

It was all cool until people started making fun of my awful set-up. 

Not very good at social criticism, I decided to go to the Apple store to get my baby a doctor appointment. 

The last time I had a functional issue they handed me a brand new phone - no questions asked. So what was it going to hurt to walk in there and get a new phone (especially since I'd dropped mine one too many times):

On Monday I went into the Apple Store and waited as they woefully explained to me that it was a button issue and unfortunately that wasn't a replaceable feature on the iPhone 5.

They commended my work-around, but also said "you could have just used the Do Not Disturb option"

..... don't they know me and know that I need the notifications on. All day, every day.

What were my options?

+ Buy a new iPhone 5 at $269
+ Keep working through my sound issue (and also a corroded battery according to the diagnostic check)
+ Use a family upgrade and get the iPhone 5S

I'll give you one hint what I did - thanks mom and dad!

Now, can anyone explain to me the difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s (with Apple Care!)

Stay Golden, my new pretty baby!

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Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

the difference: storage and processing power. that's it. actually, don't ask an android geek about iphones so never mind.

on another note, yay to moms and pops helping you out :)

Vodka and Soda

Amy Fashion Blog said...

That sucks about your phone. Glad you got a new one. I actually got rid of my iPhone last month and switch to a Samsung Note 3. I love the big screen. Plus now I can blog on the go. Which I only do when i'm waiting in the car for my hubby to get off work.

Kristen said...

glad you got a new phone! my iphone 4 had this issue and they just gave me a new one :)

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Ohhhh I love that gold iPhone! It looks so fancy pants. Thanks mom and dad!!! ;-) I have no clue about the difference all I know is it looks pretty.

Sarah said...

i WANT A GOLD 5S!!!!

(this is me pouting because I am jealous!)

Uh yeah, I took s gyp pic the other day and my flash was on.
it was awful.

P!nky said...

THAT'S AMAZING! family hookups are the best!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

But your hack to make it work was pretty genius, I must admit. And there is nothing more incriminating at work than that damn shutter sound!

BLovedBoston said...

Gotta love when Mom and Dad help out - you are their baby after all!! I'm still rocking the 4S and don't see an upgrade until a drastically different model actually comes out!!

kailyn marie said...

Stay golden pony boy! Jelly! Want your phone!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I'm still rocking a 4S. I'll ride that bitch until she dies. I've dropped her a million times and there are no cracks or scratches so I'm not gonna get a new phone until I have to.
Anywayyyy... I think the S is for "siri" and makes it go a little faster? I could be wrong. I don't know shit about phones. This is just what I've heard on the streets.

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

Lucky lady you are that mom and dad helped ya out by letting you use the upgrade. I'm on my own plan and cannot wait to be able to upgrade to the 5! I'm rocking the 4s and while it gets the job done it I'm still jealous of my best friend's 5. I don't know what I would do if something broke with my phone. Now knock on wood that I didn't jinx myself!

Krystal R. said...

My iphone is pretty banged up as well. But I probably have the most resilient phone. It has fell countless times and has never broken .... it better stay that way haha

brooke lyn said...


MakeMeUpMia said...

That's so funny! But YEAH for a new phone, loving the gold :)

Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

Haha I'm not going to lie, your work around was pretty genius! I would have been super embarrassed getting caught taking a selfie too! Every time I'm taking one I always pretend like I'm looking at something and can't see the screen very well LOL! So bad. Good luck with your iPhone 5s!

<3, Pamela

Kenzie Smith said...

I have the iPhone 5s in that same color (I like to call it champagne so I feel all classy) and I love it! I think it has better processing or something? Who knows. I just know I love my phone :D

Helene in Between said...

now reading through the comments i had no idea about the difference. oops. and now i want a gold iphone! sorry that happened!

Tracey said...

Mom & Dad FTW!
I can't even believe the Apple person suggested the do not disturb really? Who can go all day with no notifications?

Kasey Lynne said...

Did you get phone insurance with this one?? You NEED to buy's so worth it. I actually need to take mine in and get a new one.

Jordan said...

My top button doesn't work so I had to do this: (Method 1) You could control the sounds there!

But honestly, new phone... hello. Not a bad outcome in this whole situation!

Brittany said...

Fancy nancy!

My Iphone 4 now has vintage status.

Katie Elizabeth said...

Yay for the gold 5s! I got mine in January and I don't really know the differences from the 5, just that it has a better camera - the only important thing to me haha

Myra said...

If I ever hear a shutter click sound, I immediately pull my phone down by my side and pretend the selfie never happened. Needless to say, there are plenty of ceiling and floor pics on my phone, hahaha.

Halman Freud said...

I was also trying to find a website to recover my whatsapp content. I have found a lot of website for whats up download but not to recover info for my Iphone 5.

Clara Brooks said...

So, which of those options you end up resorting to? The button issue can be fixed and repaired by the authorized repair center. But if it's a relatively old model, I think it’s best for you to replace it. Sometimes, there’s no assurance that simple repair can totally fix it. You can always back up the contents of your old phone and download it to your new one.

Clara Brooks @ Telco World