Monday, December 3, 2012

December's Eight Great Goals

And just like that, it's the 3rd of December!

Holiday cheer is in the air as my Facebook and Instagram feeds are alive with decking the halls and families, couples and friends heading out to select the perfect tree. I haven't decided yet how into my decorations I will get this year. Lights use electricity, decorations often mean lots of glitter... which means a lot of cleanup as well! I may just be living vicariously through you, my Facebook friends!

I'm not going to completely grinch-out, I'll be sending out holiday cards sometime this week and I'll be focusing my energy on the hunt for the perfect gifts for the loved ones in my life.

Events I'm particularly looking forward to are an Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl, Amanda's White Elephant gift exchange which is a great excuse for a cocktail party, my lady Grace coming home for the holidays, bringing Dan home for Christmas and going on a beach adventure with my four ladies from high school.

The Eight Great Goals series has been a great way to keep me in check on work, fitness and day-to-day progress. While I haven't been 100% successful either month, the simple act of taking the time to establish goals helps me to be more goal-minded for all aspects of life.

December's Eight Great Goals:

1. Complete holiday shopping by December 15th, including wrapping!

2. Maintain a happy outlook - regardless of upcoming circumstances.

3. Take Dan to three must go Portland restaurants he's never been to: Fire on The Mountain, Shut Up and Eat Sandwich Shop and one secret location so that his palate keeps guessing.

4. Be asleep by 10pm on weeknights or at least lights out and distractions concealed.

Bringing them back - because I am allowed to!

5. Hydrate! Hydrate! Drink 100 ounces of water daily, no excuses.

6. Go to 6 NTC classes on top of my 100 running mile quota.

7. Plan and lay out outfits for the week on Sundays to stay organized.

8. Eliminate electronics from bedtime because late night gadget use damages your sleep cycle.

What are your goals this month? January 1st isn't the only time you can set meaningful resolutions.

I'm wishing everyone a great beginning to the start of a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family!

<3 JE


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