Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

This past weekend was unbelievably gorgeous in Portland and I fear that this week of spring sunshine will come and go - not to return until July like many spring/summer transitions here in the Northwest.

To kick off the weekend Dan and I joined Brad and Brooke for the Hoppity Hops 5k that circled the Willamette River along the Eastbank esplanade and back around with views of the Saturday Market and lots of puppies...45 to be exact! Dan and I like counting puppies on our runs - hate us yet?

It was probably the fastest I've seen Dan hustle on our runs together and I can admit that I was picking up my usual pace too. Brad was goofing off with an 'easy' pace for him and Brooke was right in line. Dan and I are going to have to put in some hard work to get to where we need to be for our big Tough Mudder 2013 race in June.

After the race Dan had a tee time on the West side, so he kicked me to the curb somewhere between home and the freeway by my request and wasn't a minute late. My afternoon was a little different in that I ran the 3.4 miles home to round me out to 100.5 running miles in March. It also gave me the opportunity to count 30 more puppies and enjoy a relaxing afternoon home alone to catch up on reading blogs, watch my bracket remain in the #1 spot and begin some food prep for the week ahead.

Saturday evening we had plans to stay at mom and dad's house and met them home at the same time as they had returned from the coast. I've always enjoyed how casual Easter is in my family and this was the perfect example of that fact. Lazy evening with BBQ - falling asleep on the couch - being woken up by ice cream cones and puppies. I wish every evening looked like this.

Easter morning we woke up to the sound of puppies upstairs ... Okay, actually I woke up and nudged Dan for about 45 minutes telling him to listen for the puppies upstairs. They got more ZZzz's than we did.

As soon as they shot out of their kennels they raced down the stairs outside our door and before I knew it there was a puppy pile on the bed, rays of sunlight beaming through the window and a kind of memory that won't be going away for some time.

The rest of Easter Day we played, talked, ate and played some more. I'll stop here and let the photos speak for me:

We had a sleepy growing sister around!

Oh, did anyone get pranked yesterday?

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brooke lyn said...

puppppppppies ! ps. we had the same fruit at our easter gathering :)