Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Fun

You'll be happy to know that I got to show up to work at a normal time today.

Normal time meaning after sunrise, after hearing birds chirping - even after clipping some beautiful flowers out of my yard for a desk arrangement!

I am so glad to wrap up this week. I feel like everything has been a complete rush and feel bad that the first two weeks of my new co-workers jobs have been stressful, pressured and tied to strict deadlines. They have done such a great job and I really have them to thank for feeling so good about today and the opportunity as a team going forward. It pays to have a great work dynamic and  I couldn't be more excited about the coming months.

Dan has work off starting Monday the 8th through the 15th (Tax day!) so as you can imagine I'm pretty excited for him and looking forward to a great weekend together and having a stress free boyfriend to come home to next week. Hopefully also dinner to come home to, but that's a different story!

The plus side of being so busy lately... everything is NEW to me on Pinterest! So tie up your pony and spiky-o-saurus and click these links!

- Apparently cohabitation has a bad reputation

- These Avocado/Lentil Enchiladas look like fun for the weekend!

- This week I went back to my high desk so that I can stand most of the day - read here why you should avoid sitting!

- WHEN we eat during the day does matter

- I am still wearing scarves into spring and love this and this.

- #CantLie I'm actually looking forward to this game - Mortal Kombat but with super heroes: Injustice Gods Among Us

- 10 great tips for better meal planning.

- Placemats that match my bedding and other great things.

Go on, do good, and have a fantastic weekend!

heart JE


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Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

Yay for making it to Friday and hopefully more relaxation! I have some fun things planned after a relaxing Friday night at home with my roommate- hope you're taking the time to recoop too :)

Jessi said...

TONS of down time - just resting and using the forecasted rain as an excuse to stay inside and catch up on reading, cleaning and food prep! :) Friday nights at home are my favorite!! :) doing that tonight!