Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 14: Cohabitation

I think this is the space where I can gloat that I tied for first place in my Men's NCAA Bracket pool and beat Dan by at least 10 picks. It's too bad I didn't have a wager on my selections because I'd be looking for ways to spend some hot cash right about now.

Okay, I can't begin this post ragging on Dan, he's had a hard week. He's been sleeping in till noon, staying up past 1am and staying in his pajamas to watch the pre, post, mid, live and iPad updated coverage of the Masters. This sums up his week from home:

Again, kidding! He has really earned this week off over the past few months and I couldn't be more of an advocate for days off here and there for the both of us.

If we rewind to the beginning of the week, it was necessary that we go out to the movies on Monday night before our Cinetopia groupon vouchers were going to expire. Near and dear to him in the theaters was Evil Dead - so against my better judgment I agreed and endured a gory night made tolerable only by a Subway sunrise melt, a bucket of popcorn, comfortable seats and the hand-holding I was offered by a very-into-the-movie Dan.

1. Subway dinner pre-movie

2. Tickets + popcorn voucher for Monday night showing of Evil Dead

3. Empty theater = dibs on our favorite seats

4. Tuesday night surprise - my white stallion with a latte delivery!!

Wednesday turned into a late night for both of us with his Intramural basketball game and some lingering work duties. I opted to go for a run in the crisp evening air, and he made certain that a well rounded dinner would be ready on the table upon my sweaty return.

Spaghetti + Sauce + Chicken Sausage + Asparagus makes for a very solid post workout meal!

5. Got home at 8pm and laced up for a run!

6. Returned from the 5 mile run and had a handsome man working away in the kitchen

7. Grilled asparagus... he's seriously the best!

8. To top it off - he bought me flowers at work as part of the Bloomfest fundraiser.

Lastly you see those beautiful flowers, he got them for me through the Easter Seals Bloomfest fundraiser and they have been putting a smile on my face since they arrived to my work building on Thursday.

You can really tell how the week has been as I was woken up from a deep reclined couch sleep last night with an unfinished blog and a drafted work email open on my screen. I'm looking forward to the weekend and doing nothing but running and being with my sweetheart.

What are you up to?

heart JE


brooke lyn said...

i got tulips too! #gonike #boyswillbeboys

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