Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SE Saturday Nights

I don't know what it is about Saturday nights but lately it's been Dan and I's favorite night to unwind, grab some good walking shoes and hit the neighborhood for an adventure and some drinks.

Something about flowers blooming, people out for a stroll and the crisp night air becoming tolerable have allowed us to step out of our normal routine and into a playful mindset. It also gives us Dan an excuse for reflective swoosh photos.

The trek in mind's ultimate destination was Saburo's Sushi House that I've shared here once before. The last time we made a visit it was before Dan moved in, so this time wasn't so much about the tour - it was knowing that we were locals and had every right to sign our names on the list with 30 other hungry hopefuls in front of us. That's right, there was a literal mob outside of the front door and everyone was there to stay.

Dan and I signed up, shrugged our shoulders and walked off to do what we do best - Sellwood Pub Tour.

We started at Laurelwood Public House around 8:45 and ordered the a Space Stout for him & a Free Range Red for her. We enjoyed sharing the different flavors back and forth and I still can't call which was my favorite.

Next we went back to check on the list - rookie move. We were still at least 15 people down on the list and noticed that the couple after us was the cut-off point of the list. We were going to be there to shut it down.

So what do you think we did? Went to another bar of course! I love dive bar hopping in Sellwood and tonight didn't disappoint. The Cosmo Lounge was in full effect with karaoke enthusiasts making their way in and signing up for their debut. Dan and I escaped before karaoke night started, but not before my IPA, his Negro Modelo and our four $1 each Orange Jello shots. Well played, babe!

After us lightweights were feeling happy, we snuck in a few fro-yo samples at Nectar before having perfect timing to be seated at Saburo's.

This was the longest I've ever waited, two hours from sign up to sit down, but the memories, goofiness and amazing eats at the end of the road were beyond worth it. We even had a great time with the strangers who shared our same table that were visiting from Montana and had previously lived in Portland through college. Plenty of laughs, single serving friends, single serving of sushi (because Dan swooped up 75% of the plate while I was chatty!) and a great evening with my love.

I can't wait to go back again when blogger buddy Marisa is back in PDX. Nothing like a heaping plate of sushi to bring people closer.

heart JE


Anna Lea West said...

I want to swan dive into that sushi. Yummmmm!

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

You are the best- I was so excited to see my shout out! Hopefully I'll be back home for a weekend in early June but I'll keep you posted : ) My Denver move is getting crazier by the minute with an earlier than anticipated start date and lots to do before then!

brooke lyn said...

i would have slapped brad if he ate my 25%

Jessi said...

It all happened too quickly - I didn't know what hit me until my tummy grumbled! :( :(

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