Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Restaurant Review: Torta-Landia

Saturday night Dan and I were couch potatoes. We kept talking about what our 'plans' were for the rest of the evening and couldn't come up with anything better than catching up on our DVR with shows dating back to March. No time for TV

I really didn't want to spend the rest of my night just sitting, but I also only wanted to spend the evening with my guy. I saw an update on Facebook that my parents were headed out to date night and I was convinced that Dan and I needed to have one too!

The last time I was with miracle worker Maggie, she recommended a restaurant that was great for an upbeat vibe, delicious chips + guacamole and a feel good 'hole in the wall' spot off the beaten path. I told her we'd check it out and I wanted to do it before my next appointment at the end of the month.

Torta-Landia is located on SE 60th avenue just off of Foster Road and within 2 miles walking distance of our home. Since we were feeling like bums we weren't going to drive so we bundled up, put on our walking shoes and headed out the door holding hands and soaking in sights of the neighborhood.

We arrived to the restaurant just past 8pm and found a packed house with live music and margaritas everywhere. We had to join in!

What We Drank

2 House Margaritas ($5.50 each)

We almost went with the Corona-rita (Margarita with an upside-down corona) but had already been drinking most of the day while watching the Masters. #Sorrynotsorry

What We Ate

House Made Chips + Side of Guacamole ($3 + $2 Guac)

Carnitas del Diablo Burrito ($8.50)

Slow roasted carnitas sauteed with habaneros & jalapeno peppers, borracho beans, green rice cilantro-lime crema, queso oaxaca, and habanero salsa.

This burrito was big enough that both of us felt satisfied with the food we'd eaten and our bodies were warm walking back in the cool 50 degree evening.

Know Before You Go:

  • It really is off the beaten path, hidden behind a used tire lot on Foster Road

  • Happy Hour is 3-5pm Tuesday-Friday and 9-close Daily

  • They had live music the entire time we were there - it looked like it was set up for the same scene every night

  • Even Dan thought the burrito was massive - check the menu before you go and split a dish or two

  • Location: 4144 SE 60th Ave, Portland, OR

  • Hours: Closed Mondays, open Tuesday-Sunday starting at 11am.


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