Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today in History - 4.24.1999

Hello everyone!

There's so many things we could chat about, like the weather, the new clothes I've bought lately {on sale!}, my job, what motivates me, my man, etc.

It almost crept past me but something reminded me of a decision I made 14 years ago that has significantly improved my life and my health.

Today, April 24th, marks 14 years since I've drank soda.

I could harp and harp on why soda is bad for you, here and here for example - but instead I'll talk about what pushed me to the decision and the many reasons I've stuck to it over the past 14 years.

I was in Seventh grade, 12 years old and incredibly focused on softball and the things that I could do to improve my game. As a team, we were working on the 'mental game' to strengthen our minds and work out our discipline, so we were encouraged to choose something to give up for a week. Instantly I knew what I wanted to give up, but would have to enlist some help from teammates and my very own family.

See, my brother had given up soda a year prior and had always boasted about it - and being the competitive little sister I decided to lead follow my own path. I also was not such a light consumer of the sugary beverage. We would go to fast food restaurants for convenience after practices + games and I would consistently order the biggest Dr. Pepper or Root Beer I could get my hands on. No fault of anyone's, just the health concerns of high soda consumption weren't public knowledge as they are today - so it was more about the bubbly bite I'd experience from an ice cold soda rather than the taste of it.

I recall the 'last supper' like it was yesterday. My dad and I left the practice in Beaverton and headed to the East side, but not before a pit stop at McDonald's to order a #2 (Two cheeseburgers) No Cheese, Ketchup Only with a Dr. Pepper to drink. I remember slowly sipping out of the straw, calculating what I was putting into my body and ultimately feeling sick as a result. The cup sat overnight on my nightstand, half full and eventually poured down the kitchen sink.

Realizing that I didn't want to finish my last one, I knew I had an easy road ahead to look forward to both with this commitment and many others that followed.

Weeks passed, months passed. I noticed myself feeling better, my teenage pores were clearing up kind of and I was full of healthy hydration {water} like I'd never been before. Soon it was six months later and there was no way I was going back - I'd come too far to ever put a drop to my lips again.

Since giving up soda I have:

  • Saved a lot of $$

  • Avoided a lot of extra and worthless calories

  • Encouraged others to quit/limit their bad habits

  • Found the will to give up French Fries (going on 13 years)

  • Nodded my head to every health conscious reason to give up soda

  • Much less fast food dining

  • ...Saved a lot of $$

I don't nag or judge those who drink soda now, but I sure am happy that I don't crave the stuff.

I know that I'm a happier person because of this commitment and the endless personal strength I gained in experiencing success will serve me well for a lifetime.

Like I said, happy:

Just try it for a week, see how much better you feel!

heart JE


Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

You need an arrow to yourself too that says healthy and accomplished woman! Haha. This is an awesome goal to have kept up! Do you drink sparkling water or make homemade baked fries? I have found that those alternatives (naturally flavored sparkling water from Trader Joes! yum!) help me avoid sweetened sodas and salty french fries.

brooke lyn said...

your no fries rule doesn't cover tatter tots too does it?!

Ashley said...

Good for you!!! That takes some serious discipline. I never really started drinking soda till I met my fiance who guzzles 4 or 5 in one day. Now I crave soda :-( But FRENCH FRIES! I could never give them up :-)

Jessi said...

YES! I do love the TJ's Sparkling water and get to drink all of it because the boy 'doesn't understand' sparkling water. Sweet potato fries (BAKED) are as far as I will go - amazing alternative!

Jessi said...

Girl, I'm not crazy!! :) Love me some tots - and totchos (Date in Sellwood - NOW!)

Jessi said...

Ha-ha the french fries were just about the only New years resolution I've ever kept. I just need to give up tortilla chips at mexican restaurants and then I'd be really disciplined! :)