Monday, May 13, 2013


Did everyone have an amazing weekend like we had?

Friday night when I got home after typical afternoon traffic, I caught Dan in the kitchen popping the tab on the new Bud Light Margaritas and salting the rims on our fancy swoosh glassware. I threw my arms around him and thanked him for being the greatest boyfriend of all time.

Little did I know; he was boozin' me up so that I would sit happily and quietly yeah right while watching the Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat Game 3.

Little did he know; I was exhausted from the week and was sawing logs in the recliner by 6:45 pm.

...It's tough being such a party animal.

Saturday morning after a quick run in the neighborhood, Dan headed to work at his second job at a golf course while I got ready for breakfast in the gorge with mom and grandma. We wanted to avoid the 'mother's day brunch' so we made reservations at the Multnomah Falls Lodge where we had a great view of the waterfall and enjoyed some delicious plates.

*disclaimer: I didn't take photos of the falls because I want to take Dan in June!

^Veggie omelette with ooey gooey cheese^

It was a great opportunity to catch grandma up on what Dan and I have been up to the past few months along with the exciting things I've been a part of at work. I also got to meet her new kitten - Dan is begging me to take him out to visit as well!

For the sake of brevity, we'll talk about mother's day tomorrow, but in the meantime I'll leave you with the beautiful flowers that stopped me in my tracks on my 9 mile Sunday run. It's important to stop and smell (read: photograph) the flowers.

Have a great week!

heart JE

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