Thursday, May 9, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Happy Mother's Day

This throwback Thursday is brought to you by mommy's little girl, forever and always.

This weekend is about more than just getting flowers, a card and candy for your mother. It's about thanking her for everything she's ever done for you.

Today I'd like to give thanks and appreciation to my mother for devoting nearly the last 29 years of her life to being a wife, a mother, a provider, an educator, a volunteer, a caretaker, a fighter, a companion and an incredible role model for her two children (and several pets!).

Since the moment she brought me into the world, I've felt nothing but selfless love from my mother and always know that everything she does has our futures in mind.

I'm amazed every day by what she has accomplished in her life and what she continues to strive for now that she's been retired for five years. Truly a person without limits, my mother sets her mind to something and does everything necessary to see success from her efforts.

She has never had a shortage of time, love or kindness for others and continually impresses me with the size of her heart. Not only is she thoughtful; my mother is strong, brave, intelligent, adventurous, creative and beautiful.

I feel like I'm constantly learning from her and am proud to be her daughter.

heart JE


brooke lyn said...

happy mama's day, angie :)

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